WEIRDLAND: Go find your passion

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Go find your passion

"In the past three days, we've seen the many sides of Kirsten Dunst; ninja warrior, road menace -- and now we've got Kirsten Dunst, life coach.

The reluctant paparazzi magnet was spotted at Chateau Marmont (a known pap/star hot-spot), where she was not exactly thrilled to see cameras, telling TMZ, "Oh, look who's being rude and filming us all, what an exciting life you have, what a great job," before swatting the camera away.

Not satisfied with her run-in, Dunst came back to the photog moments later, again hit the camera, and told our photographer, "Go find your passion!"
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kokodee said...

Haha! I know it must suck at times but thats the price of fame.

Kendra said...

"Fame, puts you there where things are hollow" -"Fame" (David Bowie)

gr77 said...

it is the price of fame but the whole thing has gotten out of control.the paparazzi have become dangerous imo