WEIRDLAND: Jake On Fire!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jake On Fire!

"A fire broke out at Manka's Inverness Lodge in Marin County early Wednesday after a tree fell on the structure. The local fire chief called it a total loss.

Jake Gyllenhaal and sister Maggie were staying at the inn for Christmas. Guests were seen running outside at around 2:43 am. Said a neighbor: "They weren't dressed to come out. It was early."

Daniel DeLong, chef and co-owner, said Gyllenhaal assisted with recovery efforts: "Jake was helping me pull things out of the fire."

Other well-known guests at the inn were Frances McDormand

and husband Joel Coen. No injuries were reported."


the front wall of Manka’s restaurant remained mostly standing. Sky can be seen through the windows of a guest room whose roof was consumed. Pictures from

And more information from
"Jake Gyllenhaal battled hurricanes and tidal waves
in The Day After Tomorrow,
but on Wednesday he faced a real-life natural disaster: A fire at the California hotel where he was vacationing with his family.

Gyllenhaal, 26, and his actress sister Maggie, 29, were among the guests forced to flee Manka's Inverness Lodge in the San Francisco Bay area when the two-story wooden inn caught fire around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, the Marin Independent Journal reports.

"Jake was helping me pull things out of the fire," Daniel DeLong, a chef and co-owner of the historic lodge where the actors had often vacationed, told the Journal.

[...] The inn and its restaurant were known as a place where A-listers could unwind in a relaxed environment: Prince Charles dined there last year, and DeLong told the Journal that over Christmas he'd cooked grits for the Gyllenhaals as well as actress Frances McDormand and her husband, filmmaker Joel Cohen.

"We just do what we do," he said.


penny lane said...

All joking aside, I am very glad Jake and his family, who all seemed to be there, are safe and well. Wooden lodges and fires are definitely not a good combination!

Simon Agent 002 said...

That everyone's ok is what is important.
Buildings can be rebuilt other antiques found, but people certainly can't be replaced.

gr77 said...

this is very scarry, especially since they must be sleeping when the fire broke out.i'm very glad everyone is ok

jacknastygirl said...

Jake is so unique, he is the best...what an adventure!....fortunately everyone is fine. It seems a little hard to be a celebrity.
I must go now and seek my knight in shining armour ;) (if Jake is occupied)

kokodee said...

Well, thank god it wasn't a jet engine.
And unlike donnie darko, jake managed to walk out of this one in one full piece. Elizabeth (and Frank) must be pleased.

jacknastygirl said...

Hello folks!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 to all Jake Weird regulars

Kendra said...

Kokodee: as if you had readmy mind, Darkoaddicts are this way.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007, Weirdos!!

Simon Agent 002 said...

Okay this is totally off topic, but as a few days have passed I'll post it here....

Kendra I know how fond you are of diet coke, which surprises me a bit, because europe has such great sodas...far better than the sugary over sweet stuff made here.
But I have found a video which will explain my loyalites as far soda is concerned. ;) Press here

I hope this new year brings good news for you Kendra, and everyone here.

penny lane said...

To Kendra and all the readers/posters of this blog, a wonderful 2007 for you and those dear to you! Kendra, thanks for all the work and energy you put into your blog..! (And be careful with the cava now..!). (What's that about diet coke?!).

Simon Agent 002 said...

I want to wish you a Happy New Year.
I always enjoy your posts.

Kendra and diet coke? first clue was this post many months ago ago.

penny lane said...

Thanks Simon, all the best to you, too - I look forward to your humorous posts in 2007!
Thanks for the link to the diet coke story - I missed that at the time (but somehow I think that it wasn't diet coke Kendra was drinking last night..!).

Anonymous said...

I am glad everyone including the Gyllenhaals escaped peril, but I thought it interesting that one of the reportings of the fire mentioned that the owners of the Inn cooked grits for the Gyllenhaals...what is so unique about the cooking of grits that would merit it a mention in a news story about a fire? I love grits..but they are fairly ordinary...just sayin'