WEIRDLAND: Jack Twist's Hat

Friday, December 15, 2006

Jack Twist's Hat

At the time of this posting, the hat worn by Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain has passed the $10,000 mark in a new Ebay bin, with three days still to go.

Proceeds benefit Variety Children's Charity of Southern California.

The jacket Ennis wore is

also up for auction, and compared to the hat it's a steal now for just over $1,825. This auction goes to benefit L.A.'s Outfest film festival.


gr77 said...

10000$ for a hat?well,it's one very sexy hat ;)

Anonymous said...

It is! It belonged to Jake, after all... ;)

Simon Agent 002 said...

You better pass the hat, and start a collection to get the cash for these.

penny lane said...

Indeed a lot of money. Kendra, did you read how the guy who 'bought' that rare album of The Velvet Underground on E-Bay for over $155,000, turned out to not have even enough money to buy gas for his car, as he put it..?! Ha Ha! He's lucky the seller was nice enough not to sue him (or so I understand).
It sort of reassures me if the poor house should ever loom up before my very own eyes, I have some original Beatles stuff that probably is worth something. I wonder how much I would get for my White Album to which I glued to the inside of that double cover a picture of them signed by all four Beatles in 1968?!

Kendra said...

Yes, Penny, what a fraud, I read it in and here in the Wilco Message Board. Funny thing I didn't believe for a minute that it was an original. His story of conversion of the acetate to a digital copy seemed contrived.

Kendra said...

In the Viachicago Forum you have to be registered to read and the first Cnn link is wrong, now if it works here.

Simon Agent 002 said...

"seller was nice enough not to sue him (or so I understand)."

The seller can offer it to the next highest bidder. It's one of the seller's options,doesn't have to though.
Having that "deadbeat bidder", only helped to drive the price up.
So this may have worked to the seller's benefit?
The seller also has the option to repost it on ebay for no additional cost.( as they will let you, if your item doesn't sell the first time.)
So it may reappear on ebay?

Simon Agent 002 said...

Kendra everything he said about the digital(remastering) is true!
You can do a great deal to repair a recording. Record pops and scratchs are fixable (only long scuffing type damage might be beyond repair)
As for the laser turntable , this is also true.
A collectable show I was watching had a man who brought early metal pressing plates for old 78 rpm records, at a tag sale.
They were unmarked but he had the serial number and company etched on the area just outside of where the label would be.
You can often see this on that wide band next to the label area on a record.
The show brought the plates to an audio engineer, he had a laser type turntable which played and recorded it as a digital computer file. They could then replay it ....even tho it was a positive pressing version . From the records(paper files) of the now defunct record company, they could trace the serial number to find the name and band of the performer and year.
I spent many hours with the at home verison of a digital audio program "Cool Pro Edit" and you can do many things to improve a recording...
Say for example, you made the sound OHHHHHHHHH but on the record there is a large scratch in the area of "H" part...I could cut and paste and "good" part of "H" the soundwave and replace the damaged "H" part. You'd never hear it.
Or quick pops can be cut down and such a fraction of a second your ear doesn't detect the removal. Vinyl records could be clean up to close to cd quality. Depends on what condition the orinigal record is in. If it's worn from repeated playings it will never be as good as newly minted...but they still can improve it to a large degree...even removing the needle tracking in the groove sound....all you need is to take a small digital sample of just the needle running in the groove sound (before the audio starts)...then with the computer program you can digitally (mathematically)subtract it from the rest of the recording....same with tape hiss. Cool stuff!
Did I bore you with this long explaination?...sorry! :)

penny lane said...

Simon, that was an interesting explanation. Actually am gonna read it again!

Kendra said...

Very complete technical explanation, Simon, I see you're an expert in this digital matter.

Simon Agent 002 said...

Not expert , but a hobbist yes.