WEIRDLAND: Kirsten and Scarlett

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kirsten and Scarlett

"Hollywood actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON is looking for love and has reportedly asked to be set up with newly single star JAKE GYLLENHAAL.

The LOST IN TRANSLATION star has met Gyllenhaal a few times, and friends say that the pair are perfectly matched.

Now she has asked her representatives to organise her a date with the actor - who recently ended his long-term relationship with actress KIRSTEN DUNST.

A pal says, "He's a little younger than her usual type, but they really clicked.

"They both grew up in dynamic and creative families and Jake has an old head on young shoulders, just like her."

Johansson, who is rumoured to have had a fling with BENICIO DEL TORO at last year's Oscars, makes no secret of the fact that she is looking for love.

She recently said, "I'm a girl in the prime of my life and I'd like to celebrate that with someone.

"The thing is, I'd definitely like to be in a relationship with the right person. That's why I'm looking."
I know these are 2 years ago news, but I wondered if a relationship between the sexiest chick in Hollywood and Jake would have worked out or not.


penny lane said...

Kendra, one of your most beautiful posts in pictures..!

gr77 said...

kendra, you sure know how to pick a much beauty in one post!!!
jake and scarlett would be my dream couple for the (shallow,i know)reason that they are the most beautiful and sexy people in hollywood (imo:p)

Anonymous said...

IMO, it wouldn't have worked. Jake is one of those one-girl-to-one-girl dudes, and Scarlett likes to play the field. It would have ended in heartbreak. :(

Anonymous said...

scarlett is soooo ugly. no way.

Kendra said...

^^ Ugly?? Are you crazy, dear?

Kendra said...

Oh, and Happy 22 birthday to Scarlett!!

gr77 said...

she is the opposite of ugly.
a lot of people hate her it seems,but it's just jealousy imo.

happy birthday to her!!

Anonymous said...

look, no ones jealous, she is just not pretty, she is imo ugly and very annoying. kirsten is gorgeous, but i cant even see a movie with her in it- usually, i wouldnt care for her existance, but she ruins good movies 4 me and is so overrated...

Anonymous said...

Umm, lol, no, I don't think so.