WEIRDLAND: Test your lipstick

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Test your lipstick

Take your Lipstick personality quiz, from Barbie Martini.
My results are:

·Sharp angles both sides
·Personality Profile Spiritual
·Seeks attention
·Big ego
·Looks for easy way
·Loves life

I know, I'm looking chronicly for an easy way, but a big ego???


jacknastygirl said...

Sharp-angled Tip
Personality Profile

* Opinionated
* High-spirited
* Dislikes schedules
* Selective of friends
* Outgoing
* Likes attention
* Argumentative

Kendra said...

We share the "seeks attention" / "likes attention" link, jacknastygirl, I think this test is pretty accurate: opinionated, high-spirited and argumentative are some of your strong points, jacknastygirl ;) and you don't have any big ego...