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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Still Alive

As you could figure out, I survived this recent convulsions attack, ER bouracratic flawed process and embarrasing side-effects. On a regular medication now (Lyrica, Xeristar) and I'll continue visiting more doctors and taking more medical exams, the EEG I took yesterday was negative for epileptic case, but I'm afraid of the next exams, really frightened and feeling down. Thanks a lot everybody who helped me with their best wishes and prayers, all of you have maintained my faith when it was weakening, and in my worst moments when most I needed it. Thanks from my heart.

Still alive and still hating the world.


The Bearded Lady said...

Honey I'm so glad to hear from you, that and if I was with you now I'd give you a hug like you'd never forget.

Don't be afraid...I know this is easy for me to say,
But Kendra look at it this way... The sooner they get to the bottom of what is going on the better the chances they can deal with it sucessfully ...remember that.

My sister at 35 had a mild stroke...turns out she has a small malformation from birth that enlarges and bleeds and puts pressure on her brain. It could suddenly rupture or it can lie low, and not distrub her for years...
I can relate to what your going thru.

Its so good to see your new picture and hear you...we all worried and kept you close in our thoughts...and we stand with you.
Besides Kendra we need all the romantics in the world to ban together huh?

oh in case you did know Simon says hello, but I won't let him use the computer at the moment ;)

And PG will have her stunning report from her trip to NY to deliver in the comming days...
I'll let everyone know you have a new post up and I'm sure their gonna hurry to send you some love!

Love TBL :) XXOO

ATD said...


It’s great to hear from you. I’m so pleased that things are at least starting to go well for you.

Don’t worry about tests or anything else, they may appear unpleasant or daunting, but they are one small moment in a whole lifetime – a passing blip that will be gone before you know it.

I’ll keep everything crossed for good results and a speedy recovery; my family’s thought and prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery.


Ged x

mrs_dalloway said...

It's so nice to see you,Kendra!You look fabulous,my dear!
I'm glad to hear you're on treatment and I wish you good luck with your other analysis.I know that you'll get over this and it will remain just a bad memory,just as the now famous erasing of Jake Weird :))

Take good care of yourself,if we were there with you we would take care of you,but all we can do is send our love and best thoughts!

Cheers to you,my friend!

penny lane said...

Kendra, so good to see a sign of life from you again!! We have been really worried since we saw your last post and have kept you in our prayers and thoughts. I know you cannot look forward to all the exams you need to have but hopefully they will get to the bottom of what is wrong and it can then be put right with medication or an operation. Do what the doctors tell you to do and get well soon, so that we will be able to enjoy your daily posts on your blog (and you can catch up on all the craziness that's been going on lately!). But try to get well now first. We're thinking of you. A big hug.

vanzmotorbike said...

Welcome back Kendra. You take it easy..

jacknastygirl said...

hey, kendra!
take good care of yourself!
it looks like Jake isn't so weird as in good old days...he looks so amazing on those pics on JW

Agnes said...

To go through medical test may be a hard thing but the best part is they ends and then you can find out what's wrong.

Kendra take care and I send you a big hug from me all the way from Sweden *HUG*

justjake said...

Aww,nice to see you back Kendra,You take it easy hon and my best wishes to

Amerika Bound said...

Aww it's good to have heard from you Kendra.
I hope that you remember that we're all thinkin of you.
Things are crazy on my side of the sea but am hoping things are less for you!
If you get the chance drop me your postal address and I will send you a get well pressie :)

Keep your head up brave one!
Lots of love and positivity coming your way
Amz x

gr77 said...

great to hear from you again kendra!!
wish you all the best..i'm sure everything will be ok :)

Kendra said...

Besides Kendra we need all the romantics in the world to ban together huh?

Tbl, as Edward Walker (William Hurt) said in "The Village":

The world moves for love.
It kneels before it in awe.
All the world to see.

Thanks all of you, without you and your love Jake Weird would certainly stop. Without your support Jake Weird wouldn't exist now.

Simon Agent 002 said...

Hello Kendra, I see your out and about today :)
I hope you had a good day today? if you ever need to talk to me, leave a msg at the Jake Watch board .
I'm gonna be checking in that more regularly now.

Ah Jake's award?...I would be happy for him if I wasn't so swamped with my own unhappiness at the more than understand ;)...a nights sleep and my headache leaving could improve my sprits too.

XXOO I'll check back in too.

Kendra said...

My days are being semi-good at best. I usually say patience isn't one of my virtues, Simon, thanks for your cheers. And get rid of that unhappiness soon ;)

muffin said...

Sorry that life is being so crappy for you right now, Kendra....I wish I had some amazingly wise words to cheer your heart and take away the fear but alas I don't. But you do have some great folks here who DO have some in sight and good advice.

Take care of yourself!

Kendra said...

Thanks, Muffin, I try not to add myself more stress.
"When you throw dirt, you lose ground." ~Texan Proverb.