WEIRDLAND: The sexy Mail-Man

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The sexy Mail-Man

An improper appropriation of mail is a federal delict and an overdose of seductiveness probably is another delict.
We won't punish him for that, though.


jacknastygirl said...

oh, he looks fantastic

Simon Agent 002 said...

Here are two stars that caused a little bit more commotion in New York.


kokodee said...

If only real mail-men looked like this.

Kendra said...

That's what I call a warm welcoming, Simon! I've been a big fan of Jerry Lewis since "The Ladies Man" and "The nutty professor", although I don't remember watching "Living it up", it must be an important film; Jerry, Dean Martin and Janet Leigh were so fervenly acclaimed in N.Y. in 1954.

Kokodee, my boyfriend is a mail-man and is attractive!