Friday, October 27, 2006

Rocket Boy

In consonance with the review Part I by Anneka in Jake Watch of "October Sky" film (1999) directed by Joe Johnston, inspired in the book "Rocket Boys" relating the true story of Homer Hickam, a homage to the first important film who launched Jake's career:


"Young Homer Hickam, had rockets on the brain.
To be a rocket-man, he had always hoped, to train.

His Daddy the coalminer, he was well respected,
but Homer's "Crazy Idea", he totally rejected.

"You'll be a coalminer, just like your old man,
on anything else, there is no need to plan."

This was a fate that Homer was not keen on.
Luckily, he had friends, that he was able to lean on.

His rockets, he did build, with the help of his buds.
Some of them, successful, most of them just duds.

After many struggles, a contest they did win.
His Daddy, the coalminer, was finally proud of him!

Somtimes a dream, can change your very life,
overcoming many obstacles of hardship and strife!"

(poem courtesy of Roco, previously published in the Jake Watch Messageboard)


penny lane said...

October Sky is a lovely movie with a young, sweet Jake whose acting in this film shows promises of things to come.
To both Roconner and Anneka congrats for the great poem and funny review! Enjoyed both!

gr77 said...

i'm ashamed to say i haven't seen october sky :(

Kendra said...

Shame on you, gr77 ;) I've watched it probably more than hundred times, Jake is so young, shy and nerdy as in any flick you have watched him before, he embodies Homer Hickam with a visionary quality and such humanity in his small coal town opressed character, the picture I've posted belongs to one of my fav scenes of the film, when Homer discovers first time his feelings for Valentine.

Anonymous said...

Cute. Cute.