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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Joe's Journey


"Lost and alone with these feelings of grief
Shrouded in doubts, no hope nor belief
Gone is the dawn of that welcoming smile
Begin now to travel your own Moonlight Mile

Loss is compounded by the conflict you feel
Turmoil of emotions; which are fake, which are real?
Everyone expects you to just keep on going
All of the while your secret not knowing.

Ghosts of a past age haunt waking sleep
Prey on the memories inside that you keep
Fear your intentions laid the path to her dying
Mindful recriminations of a heart not done crying

Now complicated by feelings anew
The sense of a love that is real, that is true
But what of your duty, the debt that you owe
Bound here in this time, no place you can go

Despite best intentions to maintain the veneer
Tell tale cracks of the white lies appear
Perhaps for the best now these secrets are known
To those that you care about, honesty shown.

Truth is your freedom despite self-derision
Lifting fog from your mind, restoring true vision
The road has been travelled, at the end you can smile
The bittersweet journey along your Moonlight Mile."

(by Afterthedarkness) published previously in Jake Watch Messageboard.


penny lane said...

Moonlight Mile remains one of my favourite movies with Jake; it probably has something to do with it being the first film I saw him in and I had no idea who he was at the time. With not all that many lines, his presence in that movie captured me.

penny lane said...

Here's a link to both Brad Silberling and Jake on 'Moonlight Mile'.

Kendra said...

being the first film I saw him in
Me too, Penny Lane. First film of Jake I watched was "Moonlight Mile", the second was "Donnie Darko". I consider MM an underrated film, thanks for the link!
I became obsessed with the movie theme song and now reading this interview I read of Brad Silberling:
"I was listening every morning when I was writing the screenplay, I had three songs on a loop. “Moonlight Mile” I generally would listen to every morning at about 6:45 driving up to take my dog for a walk.

jacknastygirl said...

I like how Jake is done in MM as young Dustin Hoffman...whatever it is. I like Mrs. Robinson, "The Graduate" and all the stuff like that...brilliant. 100% american :) ...I'm totally exhausted of english speaking hahaha
I like San Francisco Mike Nichol's movie. Golden Gate.
Our Nobel Prize winner, the poet who lived in my town was a teacher there and he was rather happy for that. He wrote a book "Visions from San Francisco Bay"

Kendra said...

jacknastygirl, this book you say by Prize Nobel Czeslaw Milosz "Visions from San Francisco Bay" sounds promising. Frisco is a more relaxed city than average metropolis from U.S. I loved the Bay city in "Vertigo" by Hitchcock.

jacknastygirl said...

Czeslaw Milosz was totally funny in reality of american, californian univeristy. He was really great man with amazing brain. He was so strange in California, like a stranger, a little like an alien from Mars, finally he married american woman and later moved with her to Cracow.I think that he enjoyed american way of life very much, he was so intelligent.

Kendra said...

No doubt that if you are intelligent, you'll love San Francisco. Milosz reminds me a little of Aldous Huxley, an enamoured of California way of life. I watched a documentary years ago which reported comfortable lifestyle of Californians inspired him "Brave new world".

penny lane said...

Kendra, the right word would be 'captivated', instead of 'captured' - ha ha (perish the thought!).

Kendra said...

^^Jake captures my imagination.