WEIRDLAND: Jake repeats chick

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jake repeats chick

Walking down N.Y. streets with Greta Caruso (Yale student/graduate) on Friday 20th October. (Pics by IHJ)

I feel almost as a schoolgirl again seeing Jake with this young bird, she has an intense features face, a bit like Salma Hayek.


jacknastygirl said...

oh, they look like Gretchen and Donnie , it' soooo sweeet!
I should go now, go away and look for one new piece of man to watch hahaha
(in fact I have already found - little revenge)

penny lane said...

Kendra, she does indeed resemble Salma Hayek in these pictures!
I think she looks quite lovely.

Kendra said...

in fact I have already found - little revenge

Hey, jacknastygirl, you should share with us who the new man is ;)

gr77 said...

they don't look like their dating to me :p

gr77 said...

i meant "they're dating" of course :p

jng said...

he is very manly man. The solid one and even ...stony

Vixen said...

This is GRETA CARUOS DCSI Miami David Caruso's daugther.