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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Anticipated Christmas Gift

"New Line has set Peter Sarsgaard to star with Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon in "Rendition," director Gavin Hood's followup to his Oscar-winning "Tsotsi."
Kelley Sane wrote the script, with filming to begin this fall.

Pic centers on a CIA operative in the Middle East who questions his assignment after observing a secret-police grilling of a suspect in a suicide bombing.

Sarsgaard has completed the comedy "Year of the Dog" for Paramount Vantage. He also just wrapped the lead role in "Mysteries of Pittsburgh," which Michael London is producing and financing through his Groundswell Prods. banner.

Thesp is repped by CAA and man-ager Jon Rubenstein." -by Michael Fleming- Source: Variety

I'm really illusioned knowing that Peter has been casted in the next Jake & Reese film "Rendition" (2007). My new unexpected Christmas gift, with my two preferred hotties acting in it. In the picture below, it's me with Santa (he's not the same Jarhead Santa I would have liked, folks).


penny lane said...

Kendra, that is indeed great news to be able to look forward to seeing Peter and Jake in a movie together again, but oohh, what a long wait we are going to have here in Europe - we will need a LOT of PATIENCE..!! GRUMBLE!
(By the way, you and Santa together: two cuties..! *wink*!).

Sean Carter said...

your blog is simply great.Hope you have loads of fun meeting Peter and Jack again.
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Simon Agent 002 said...

Even the santa's are bigger in Spain. :)


Kendra said...

Thanks, Penny Lane and Simon: I'm not sure Santas are bigger here than in N.Y. but this one I found in Pare Palau St. was very nice to me ;) XX

Sean, it's about time for some hesitant folks they start the Christmas searching, I liked the Sufjan Stevens song.

Simon Agent 002 said...

Do you want to see my favorite Marie Antoinette?
Link 2:15mins.

Kendra said...

Haha, Simon, Barbra is a "Funny Marie-Antoinette", so over the top and vodevilesque in the video.

Simon Agent 002 said...

When they put her early television specials on DVD you can guess who had to buy them.

Kendra said...

So are you a fan of Barbra? My mother likes her old movies, specially What's up, Doc?(1972) and melodramatic The way we were(1973). I'm usually neutral to her.

Simon Agent 002 said...

I'm a freak about her. LOL

penny lane said...

Simon, that is very funny; so is my husband!! He is both crazy about her voice and her acting!!
I think I have watched 'Yentl' 10 times or so because of him..! Actually, come to think of it, I love her too!

gr77 said...

it's great news about peter joining "rendition".i loved his chemistry with jake in "jarhead"

p.s. that pic of yours with the big santa is extra cute,kendra!!

pgcatz said...

I love that picture of you with Santa, You look great. And I know you are wishing that was Jarhead Jake. Santa hat on his crotch intead of on Santa's head. But yes it will be nice to see both our sexy men together. Ah SIGH....

Kendra said...

Santa hat on his crotch, that wouldn't be a Xmas. gift, pgcatz, it would be a sin ;)

Simon Agent 002 said...

Yentl?.... oh dear ...well if she didn't run after that wagon so much yelling "Wait"....???

Penny - get your hands on her 5 DVD set of her TV specials from the 60's. appox.$60.00 US

They are now selling the individual shows also if you don't want to fork up $60.00 in one shot.

My name is Barbra (1965)

Color me Barbra (1966)

Belle of 14th Street (1967)

A Happening in Central Park (1968)

Barbra Striesand and Other Musical Instruments (1973)

My current fav ...last segment of "Belle"'s the most amazing 10 mins of talent and television.
just her and the piano player..."tour de force" is redefined.

penny lane said...

Simon, will have to check that out and see whether it is available here in Europe; sounds like a perfect Christmas gift for my husband! I see you are not overly enthusiastic about Yentl - ha ha! -yeah, somewhat sugary I guess but the grande finale of her on the boat belting out 'Papa can you hear me..', does bring on the tears for me..! She has a tremendous voice.

Simon Agent 002 said...

"Yentl" and "Nuts" ...both could have been better with re-editing

Shame that Winmx closed down...she has so many unreleased recordings that are just amazing made it to Youtube...and you just scratch your head and wonder why it was left off this album or that??.
I could go in to detail on this ...believe me! :)

Simon Agent 002 said...

This is a bootleg video from a recording session in 1988 "Make Our Garden Grow" From the musical "Candide"-Leonard Bernstein

Listen just to the audio first...then watch the video if you wish.
watching the video distracts from the performance ....just listen first (better trust me) ;)

Why she chose not to include this on her album is a mystery to me?....and there's so many more great performances collecting dust and God forbid deteriorating...(I best not think of it)