WEIRDLAND: Welcome to Jake Weird... again.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Welcome to Jake Weird... again.

When I started this blog, I thought it would last short time, it was like an experiment, I was recovering from an operation (a trapped cubital nerve in my elbow, epitroclear channel). While I was convalescent, I sat in front my HP PC and this small adventure took off. Then I met Britpopbaby and joined the Jake "cause". Now I'm gonna repost some previous entries, which I'll call "Jake Weird vintage", for the nostalgic ones. I only rely on my memory and some image host service, folks. And I want to reiterate this time: no copyright infringement is intended, as a DISCLAIMER.
The first Welcome to Jake Weird said some like:
"Welcome to all folks enamored in some degree of simpar Jake Gyllenhaal, whose obsession towards him has reached me to some clinical altered-mind point. As a substitue of expensive and uncomfortable therapy, this will be an escapist project."
Oh, folks, I was so young then when I wrote it.


Anonymous said...

All you've written had to be really hard to pass through for you,I hope you feel good and your health is better now. I love your blog!

Kendra said...

It was indeed, but I try not to look back if I can avoid it, thanks, and sorry for not replying you before, I was in shock state in those moments ;)