WEIRDLAND: Turn out the light!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Turn out the light!


"Lover, lover, why is there light
In the itchy gitchy evening and its dark outside
And whats the difference between wrong and right
Wrong and right

Isnt it funny how pain goes away
And then comes back another day
The air feels very good today
Good today

Lover, lover, why is there light
Did you forget to turn off that light
Well thats all right but its way too bright
Way too bright

See the eagle above the hill
The lake reflects and is so still
The tension has gone from my will
From my will

Moon on the mountain shining bright
First there is dark and then there is light
And sometimes the light is way too bright
Its way to bright

Why dont you turn out the light
Oh, turn out the light"
(by Lou Reed).


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I think your blog is great fun!!! Love all the pics of Jake!

muffin said...

Great snogging pictures!

Prophecy Girl said...


Simon Agent 002 said...

I'm curious, because of all of Jake's pictures you've put up theres some well known famous movie shots which you haven't posted.
I'm wondering if you dislike the same shots I do?
It would be scary/funny if we think that much alike?
Most everyone likes any Jake photo, and he always takes a good pic....but there's one series that I don't care for.

Kendra said...

Simon, you've brought a clue up, there are a few photoshoots/stills/movie scenes that cause me indifference, and to be hones, there are a few that make me feel uncomfortable. I don't understand those fan girls/guys that dig ALL of his photo candy. I'm not one of them...

Simon Agent 002 said...

Ok a clue. they involve water...

Kendra said...

You guessed right, Simon, involved a water splash, wet hair and ultrablue tones, it was a photoshoot session for the "Entertainment Weekly" and from the 13 pictures I only like much one of them, and 2 so-so, but which one I like is a big frontal of his face, I'll have to post it!

Simon Agent 002 said...

I haven't seen them all but there's some odd alien quality to them that repulses me?...I can't quite put a finger on it.

Simon Agent 002 said...

their scary.

Kendra said...

some odd alien quality to them that repulses me?

Haha, Simon, I thought exactly that, who would conceive that in the same context Jake and repulsion were joint?

penny lane said...

Those pictures you guys are refering to simply look artificial; not real at all.