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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Petitions Box

Well, if someone of you feel an urgent compelling need of revisiting some concrete post, for particular theme motives, data, or mere nostalgia, this is the place where readers and viewers of "Jake Weird" have the opportunity to request me to post some disappeared post you loved specially. I cannot guarantee you will be fully satisfied, as you know it's dependent on finding the pictures -some of them are even removed from IHJ gallery and from another sites for copyright infringement- and another factors, but I'll try to make my best.


kokodee said...

Ah, my chance to request the beautiful series of shots from the 'give me a drink/another drink' series.
There was also a beautiful black and white shot of maggie in half silouhette, as well as the 'couple swapping' photos (natalie, peter, mags, jake etc)

I love how you've recreated the blog, well done. As you know I am your biggest grouppie. I just simply adore JakeWeird!

penny lane said...

Kendra, happy to see you are getting back into 'the swing of things' (or however you say that in English!) - there actually were lots of beautiful pictures I recall.
Please try not to hit the 'delete' button again by accident..!

Kendra said...

Kokodee: Consider it done!, althoough gimme a bit of time, I feel a little exhausted after rebuilding this part. As I stated before when you "hearted" Maggie in Jake Weird, I heart Kokodee.

Penny Lane: as Almost Famous groupie/heroine, you are astute enough to remind me of never hitting any button.

Don't worry. Now I'm being watched by my bf and THAT NEVER WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!