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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Passion for Sam and Laura

In consonance with Anneka's review, here you can read another from, where our heroic couple receives bad rewievs.

"You also have the stereotypical story lines - which hey - ain't a bad thing, but at least, it would be nice for the cheesy stuff to not be staged in a way in which the audience feels like they're being duped. Take for instance, the immensely talented, Jake Gyllenhaal. His performance in this movie consists of (mostly), lame scenes with this chick (Emmy Rossum) - which he has no chemistry with. Random stares. Random glares. One has to wonder why such a talented actor would need to appear in a film like this.

Emmy Rossum was - well - not EVEN attractive background noise. She had two expressions - happy, happy (joy joy) and worried/concerned.

Dennis Quaid made me laugh every time he opened his mouth and recited four syllable scientific words. Like I'm supposed to take him seriously.

Sela Ward, who I enjoyed from her Sisters days, cried a lot. She's good at crying - she may have been good at other things however, Mr. Director never clued us in.

I often wonder why bad things (at least in the movies) only seem to happen in New York. What...Indianapolis isn't cosmopolitan enough?! Anyway, maybe it's the effects of 9/11 - but it was difficult for me to feel bad for the human beings in this movie. In some ways, I did feel like Mr. Director was attempting to make some political statements, especially with the characters that played the President and Vice President. I might have zeroed in more on the message (or felt that grand swelling of pride in human kind) had he not distracted me with all of the stupid dialog.

The one saving grace of this movie was the special effects. I'm not a technical chick however, they were absolutely cool.

The Day After Tomorrow is rated PG-13 for intense situations of peril (although, comparing it to OTHER situations of perils - I find the stuff in here to be quite tame). This is one of those movies that really, you can skip altogether.

Recommended: No"
Same as the devastating review of "Proof", it will need my personal view of this Roland Emmerich film to even things out.


Anonymous said...

Gawd they make a cute couple!!! Too bad she's so young! I think she may have JUST turned 20. So how old was she when they were doing that movie? 17 or 18? Maybe 16? I don't think she was "legal."
I, on the other hand, am a petit brunette...I'm not overweight, I'm just too short...

Kendra said...

Emmy must be 17/18 years, since the film was released in 2004. Haha, I think brunettes (I am one, too) could have a opportunity, after all, you'll know Jake kissed Emmy (or received a kiss from her)in the shooting of "The day after tomorrow".

The Bearded Lady said...

Yes they are a good looking couple...pity.
As I recall hearing when they first met, she asked him if she could give him a kiss and he graciously accepted.
I guess she gave him a peck on the cheek.
But it does seem she was smitten with him.
She's a beautiful bright girl...

Kendra said...

My father adores her.

Anonymous said...

From interview Karen Durbin had with Jake for Elle magazine December 2004:

"He was always kind and respected me as an actress even though I was so much younger," says Emmy Rossum, who was just 16 when she played Gyllenhaal's love interest in the film. It was the first blockbuster for the both of them, and as Hollywood baptisms go, this one featured plenty of water and mutual rescue scenes. "It took a week to shoot one," Rossum says. "We were in the tank all day doing take after take, and there was pounding rain. Jake was fun, always trying to keep up our morale."

penny lane said...

That 'anonymous' should read
'Penny Lane'...sorry.

Kendra said...

I don't know in the rehearsals,but Emmy's character was a bit indolent to Jake's at the beginning of the story... and you should join to Jake Weird staff, Penny.