WEIRDLAND: The Myth of Donald

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Myth of Donald

This is one scene that I find particularly revealing about Richard Kelly fixation with a search for God, belongs to the script that was used by the cast and crew during the shooting of the film.

And when the other rabbits hear of
Fiver's vision, do they believe him?
It could be the death of an entire way of
life, the end of an era.

Why should we care?

Because the rabbits are us, Donnie.

Why should I mourn for a rabbit like it
was a human?

Is the death of one species less tragic
than another?

Of course. A rabbit is not like us. It
has no history books... it has no
knowledge of sorrow or regret. I like
bunnies and all. They're cute... and
they're horny. And if you're cute and
horny... then you're probably happy that
you don't know who you are... or why
you're even alive. But the only thing I've
known rabbits to do is have sex as many
times as possible before they die.

DONNIE (cont'd)
There's no point in crying for a dead
rabbit... who never feared death to begin

The class is silent for a moment.

You're wrong.
You're wrong about these rabbits. These
rabbits can talk. They are the product of
the authors imagination. And he cares for
them. So we care for them too. We care
that their home has been destroyed... and
that their lives are in danger. Otherwise
...we've missed the point.

But aren't we forgetting the miracle of
storytelling? The dea ex machina. The god
machine. That is how the rabbits are saved.

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