WEIRDLAND: Less than Zero

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Less than Zero

"If you go down deep enough
You might get to my heart
If you see the crack in it
Then you'll know what fell apart" (by Kendra)


Linna said...

Ah, it seems like you're giving it another try :) Good for you - and for all of us!!

Can I make a request? Could you post your analysis of Donnie Darko again? I never took the time to read it through thoroughly before, but it seemed so interesting! Please!? Would give me a happy! :)

Kendra said...

Thanks, linna. You're a sweetheart and a friend. I'm gonna repost it for you ;)

The Bearded Lady said...

Where is this photo from?...
a movie I hope.

Kendra said...

It's not possible you ask me that, tbl, Jake's addiction is not complete without watching repeteaded times "Jarhead". That scene is just ending the film.