WEIRDLAND: Déjà vu, Time Travel or "Deadly is the male"

Friday, August 25, 2006

Déjà vu, Time Travel or "Deadly is the male"

More Vintage Jake Weird stuff, a bit more extended this time: Peggy Cummings was a noir femme fatale in "Deadly is the Female" by Joseph H. Lewis (1949), a film about obsessions with guns.
"But it’s Peggy Cummins’ Annie that ensures Gun Crazy hits the target. Cummins steams up the screen with the low-boil defensiveness of a woman who’s been kicked around the block a few times. Not content to let her past drive her into her shell, Annie lashes out at the world and demands that she be paid back, with interest, for the injuries she’s endured. What we’re left with is a petulant, erratic, sneaky, id-driven thrill seeker who’s a whole lot of fun to watch." -review by
Of course, Jake was way more sexy as an angry Marine sniper.

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