WEIRDLAND: The Decisive Aura of Maggie

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Decisive Aura of Maggie

"Secretary" by Steven Shainberg, is one of those films I can't live without. I am sure that the wedding dress model she'll choose for her desponsory with Peter will fit her like a glove, but this time Peter maybe serves her some tiramisu spoonfuls instead of the milkshake. Lee Holloway is my heroine.


Amerika Bound said...

maggie maggie maggie..
she's so cute and adorable, but at the same time a sex kitten.

Kendra said...

It's a combustion mix her "offbeat" personality, shyness and sex-appeal.

kokodee said...

Yep, Kendra! Off-beat sexy and incredible talent; that's our Maggie.
I have to tell you that her perfomance in Secretary is one of the very best from any actress, ever

Amerika Bound said...

totally agree kokodee.