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Are Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift over?

Scan of Jake Gyllenhaal having brunch with U2's Bono and The Edge,in US Weekly, on 5th December 2005.

"Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are starting 2011 single.
"They're over", a source tells PEOPLE about the short-lived relationship. "It ended last month."
No reason was given for a split, and the stars reps didn't have immediate comment, but the two spent the holidays – and their birthdays – apart.
Swift, 21, rang in 2011 in Nashville, solo, at a party, while Gyllenhaal, 30, was in New York, where he attended a closing party for Broadway's Fela! on Jan. 2. While in the Big Apple, Gyllenhaal was also spotted dining with his mother at the Spotted Pig.
After spending Thanksgiving weekend together, the two were last seen publicly together on Dec. 9 in Los Angeles.
Gyllenhaal and Swift were first spotted together in October backstage at Saturday Night Live – followed by a brunch in Brooklyn". Source:

"Tonight, Taylor Swift sans her former flame, Jake Gyllenhaal, took a 2011 People's Choice Awards win early in the program.

The Speak Now singer, who will probably be speaking through song about Jake very soon if the past is any indication, won Favorite Country Artist". Source:

Government in California, real injuries, Sacramento

"Speaking before an estimated 3,000 people in Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium — an audience that included former governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gray Davis, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — Brown drew parallels between his first term in office and the present day.

"Then, 1975, it was the ending of the Vietnam War and a recession caused by the Middle East oil embargo," Brown said. "Now… it is our soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and our economy caught in the undertow of a deep and prolonged recession". Source:

Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped down after seven years as California's governor on Monday, leaving the state struggling with a fiscal crisis that has pushed it to the brink of bankruptcy. His successor, Jerry Brown, has warned of "painful" budget cuts.

"Brown speech - to no one's surprise - centered on the budget. He spoke passionately about the need to transcend Sacramento's partisan political culture and stop using "delay and denial" when making tough budget choices.

He laid out three principles for his budget proposal: 1) Speak the truth on budget challenges; 2) No new taxes without the vote of the people; 3) Bring authority closer to the people (aka "realigning" core government responsibilities to local governments).
In a speech that didn't delve into specifics, it's notable that Brown singled out clean energy policy as a great economic opportunity for California. Expanding investment in cleaner energy, he said, can help lead us out of the state's 10th recession since World War II". Source:

Humphrey Bogart joined the Navy in 1918. It is said that during the World War I bombing of his ship, the U.S.S. Leviathan, Bogart received the injury that would become his trademark scar, although there are other versions, as a bar room brawl that might have been the actual cause of Bogart's lip damage, according to Louise Brooks's account.

"Himself, he never took too seriously—his work most seriously. He regarded the somewhat gaudy figure of Bogart, the star, with an amused cynicism; Bogart, the actor, he held in deep respect… In each of the fountains at Versailles there is a pike which keeps all the carp active; otherwise they would grow overfat and die. Bogie took rare delight in performing a similar duty in the fountains of Hollywood. Yet his victims seldom bore him any malice, and when they did, not for long. His shafts were fashioned only to stick into the outer layer of complacency, and not to penetrate through to the regions of the spirit where real injuries are done... He is quite irreplaceable. There will never be another like him." -John Huston's eulogy

If you are looking for injury law firms which are efficient in order to protect the legal rights of injured victims in car or truck accidents and represent their rights throughout Northern California, including Sacramento, Roseville and Modesto, you'll be able to contact attorneys online with vast experience.

If you need a personal injury attorney Sacramento and learning how the legal claims process works, the consultation is free, regardless of your medical insurance, through a 24-hour call-center handled by an attorney who will return their calls promptly. In addition, they have an extensive network of doctors, physicians and experts.

Natalie Portman - "Black Swan" videoclips

Scans of Natalie Portman EW photoshoot

White/Gray scale- White Swan/Flashbacks
Blue- The Black Swan's transition into/from the White Swan's perspective/Flashbacks
Normal Colors- Reality/the Black Swan

This video, deals with the Black Swan, but at the same time, the White Swan. As the Black Swan dances, her opposite personality, the White Swan, is terrified that her other side has come out of herself, because it's the side of her personality she has tried to hide away. Thus, while dancing, the White Swan (represented by white gray scale) looks upon the Black Swan, who has now completely taken over, leaving the White Swan to watch hopelessly. The video ends how it starts, with the Black Swan fading into the light.
THE COOL THING WAS, when I was overlooking the Black Swan and White Swan ballet scenes, there is one part in particular when the White and Black Swan mimic each other, when they are 'flapping their wings' which made me go, "Wow, I can't believe I caught that!"

Song: Miss Murder
Artist: AFI
Clips: Black Swan

A guy and girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but it's not long before they learn that they want something more. Starring Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Greta Gerwig, etc.

USA - 21st January 2011
Hungary - 10th February 2011
UK - 11th February 2011
Malaysia - 24th March 2011
France - 6th April 2011

The Other Woman Trailer, starring Natalie Portman, directed by Don Roos.

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'What was that for?' and 'This is Nice' - Love and Other Drugs Clips

Jake Gyllenhaal signed autographs at 'Love and Other Drugs' screening in New York City. For authentic autographed memorabilia of Jake Gyllenhaaland many other celebrities, check out TopPix Autographs at

Love and Other Drugs Clip - 'What was that for?' - Coming Soon. Hathaway portrays Maggie, an alluring free spirit who won't let anyone - or anything - tie her down. But she meets her match in Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal), whose relentless and nearly infallible charm serve him well with the ladies and in the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales. Maggie and Jamie's evolving relationship takes them both by surprise, as they find themselves under the influence of the ultimate drug: love.

Love and Other Drugs Clip - 'This is Nice'

Best sex scenes in 2010: Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in "Love & other drugs"

clip from "Blue Valentine"

Genre: Regie / directed by: Derek Cianfrance (Brother Tied)
Darsteller / cast: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Mike Vogel, John Doman, Maryann Plunkett

"Which movie sex scenes were the steamiest in 2010? The ones that made our top 10 list include a scene where two ballerinas get hot and heavy, another with a red-hot kitchen encounter and one so racy it earned a film a dreaded NC-17 rating.
Still of Tina Fey and James Franco in "Date Night" (2010)

We've also got the hottest skin-baring moments and what we're sure most fanboys will agree is the sexiest action scene of the year.
And, as a kind of cinematic cold shower, we've rounded up five of the year's least sexy scenes. We're looking at you, Rob Schneider, Tina Fey and Rob Corddry".

Mila Kunis talks about lesbian kissing with Natalie Portman

1. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in ('Black Swan')In one of the most talked-about scenes of the year, Lily (Mila Kunis) takes Nina (Natalie Portman) out on the town for a night of much-needed relaxation. On the cab ride home, Lily's hand creeps towards Nina's thighs and soon they're both back in Nina's bedroom, where Lily continues her seduction. "Sweet girl", she whispers, before going down on Nina. What makes it kind of creepy (instead of out and out sexy) is that "sweet girl" is what Nina's mom calls her!

2. The Kitchen Sex Scene ('Love & Other Drugs')
Hats off (as well as shoes, shirts and everything else) to Anne Hathaway, who cheerfully embraces the notion that youve got to strip for your art. Her nude scenes are plentiful in this romantic comedy drama, but it's her heated, half-dressed first encounter with Jake Gyllenhaal in the kitchen that earns them a place on this list. (See a teaser at 1:04 in the trailer.)

Edward Zwick, the director said: “This is the story of two young people who are desperate not to fall in love, in fact who would much rather fall into bed, but once that happens are incapable of resisting each other and have to deal with the consequences of what that engenders.”
Jake Gyllenhaal said: “I think they are actually trying to be more – I speak for my own character, but I think it’s somebody who is trying to be more, put something on for people he thinks he should be. And ultimately he meets somebody who makes him realize that who he is is enough.”
Anne Hathaway, said: “I think Maggie is doing the same thing for different reasons. I think Maggie, my character, is trying to avoid being herself because it’s easier to present a front to the world that doesn’t mean that much to her than actually risk her heart. And I think that’s another theme of the movie, is how much courage it takes to risk your heart.” Source:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in "Love & other drugs": acting like a couple

Jake Gyllenhaal talks about his upcoming sci-fi film 'Source Code' and reveals his thoughts on a possible 'Prince of Persia' sequel. (Dec. 28)

Hollywood heavyweights Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal arriving in Sydney

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway reunite on the big screen in latest film Love and Other Drugs, where their on-screen chemistry sizzles. The stars of Edward Zwick's rom-com tell Xan Brooks what it's like acting a couple for the second time and reveal the secret of eternal happiness

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway talk Love & Other Drugs

Myspace Today | Myspace Video

Watch the MyS­pa­ce Mo­vies in­ter­view with Ja­ke Gy­llen­haal and An­ne Hat­ha­way to find out what ma­kes the­se gor­geo­us co-​stars and friends so sca­red about fa­lling in lo­ve.
Movie Videos & Movie Scenes at
Love and Other Drugs (2010) A Naked Woman! videoclip

Jake Gyllenhall & Anne Hathaway music video.

(BBC NEWS VIDEO) -- Five years after they first starred together in Ang Lee's Oscar winning film Brokeback Mountain, actors Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathaway have reunited for a romantic comedy with a twist.

Love and Other Drugs, stars Anne Hathaway as a woman living with Parkinson's and Jake Gyllenhall as a pharmaceuticals sales rep who cannot take no for an answer.

Breakfast's Charlie Stayt spoke to Jake Gyllenhall about the film and working with Anne Hathaway.

Film clips courtesy: Love and Other Drugs, Twentieth Century Fox

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Happy New Year 2011!

Marilyn Monroe wishing a Happy New Year!Robert Pattinson as Jacob Jankowski in "Water for Elephants" (2011)Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart posing with a fan on 31st December 2010 on the Isle of Wight, England.Kirsten Dunst at The Cosmopolitan Grand Opening and New Year's Eve Celebration with Jay-Z and Coldplay at Marquee Nightclub
Emmy Rossum at the Cosmopolitan and Marquee Nightclub Celebrate New Year's Eve Amber Heard - Don Flood PhotoshootOlivia Wilde in "Tron: Legacy" (2010)Joseph Gordon-Levitt brief breath of fresh airChloe Sevigny in "Elle" Korea January 2011 Photoshoot
Lindsay Lohan poses in front of a wall with names of celebrities (see Jake Gyllenhaal in it!) for Benn Jaye Photoshoot 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal enjoying casual sex and intellectual orgies

"Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed that he used to enjoy casual sex in his younger years.
However, the 30-year-old actor insisted that he has more important endeavours, seemingly referring to his girlfriend, country singer Taylor Swift.
Scan of Jake Gyllenhaal with Taylor Swift from "Hola!" (Spain) magazine, December 2010

He told PA: "I think casual sex some people are into, I definitely have been in my life at times. I think you find other things more important as time goes on."
Promoting new movie Love And Other Drugs, in which he stars alongside Anne Hathaway, Gyllenhaal added: "I feel people might be tired of the normal clich├ęd typical movie and so we put our minds together and I think we raised the stakes.
"We decided it was going to be two characters that both really couldn't be intimate and so we both went to sex as a way of avoiding things. The movie does start off with the two of them sort of primal and animalistically having sex." Source:

Portraits of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in 'Love & Other Drugs' - Sydney, on 6th December, 2010

"I just saw Love and Other Drugs last night and it was predictable but so damn good. I seriously wanted more nudity. The sex scenes between Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal were absolutely great.
“We had to go to a lot of emotionally and physically vulnerable places and we spent a lot of time rehearsing. We watched a lot of love scenes that have been done throughout film history and talked about which ones we liked and which ones we didn’t”, Hathaway told the Daily Mirror.
“We talked about our own experiences with love and intimacy, about what turned us on and what didn’t. So it was completely open from the get-go. Jake described it as a kind of intellectual orgy and I think that sums it up best.” Source:

Jake Gyllenhaal reading a book on a Subway in New York City (c) Gyllenbabble, December 2010