WEIRDLAND: JFK's Quest for Peace, The Road to Dallas

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

JFK's Quest for Peace, The Road to Dallas

James Harmon (2013): There is a very fine distinction between top general officers within the Department of Defense (with and without the Chiefs of Staff), that wished for an actual winner-take-all war against the Soviet Union and those who wished for a Cold War against the hated "Godless communists." Many general officers, at the conclusion of World War II and even in the 1960's were convinced that we were going to be engaged in a shooting war against the "Red Hoard" and thus it would be better to "get it over with" while Allied victory was a certainty. However, the peace seekers held great influence before World War II and in most years since. The "doves" have long been the bane of the "hawks" of our society, as they are regarded as "sell outs," "communist placators," "traitors" and "communists' infiltrators." Since 1945, there have been many individuals akin to Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Cheney who ignorantly see the vast United States army as the ultimate punisher against those who disagree with Americana. Yet, there have been many soldiers, many housewifes, even many wealthy professionals, who have understood the ultimate suffering caused by war and choose to seek peace and global co-existence rather than world domination. Now, if you are a top ranked, influential general, who has risen to rank (such as World War II, Vietnam, or Iraq), then it also makes sense to maintain that economic and political influence by maintaining a war. As well, if you are a billion dollar weapons manufacturer that has seen its profitability soar due to the same bloated manufacturing and purchasing levels due to an engaged war, then it makes sense to do whatever is possible to maintain that wealth and political influence, by maintaining a war (hot or cold.) Why would such influential people want peace, when peace would mean their lost power status? The truth is business leaders will engage in fraud, politicians will lie to constituents, and some billionaires would rather see a world die rather than surrender their socio-economic status. [Purdue Pharma just got fined $8 billion, and forced to dissolve on 3 federal charges for its role in the opioid epidemic.] Thus, since 1945, the United States has maintained an armed force of global proportions unlike any nation in history (not even the Roman legion can compared to the deadliness of our modern warfare machine.) We have maintained that war fighting machine, as a direct response to the purported threat of the Soviet empire and then once that collapsed, assorted international terrorists.

The first president to show direct effort to oppose the continuation of the Cold War was assassinated; a lone assassin was accused but could never be tried. Almost every president since Harry S. Truman has had incredibly tense relations with one or more of the leading intelligence agencies. An intelligence operative like Ruth Paine never would ask why she would be ordered to secure a job for Lee Harvey Oswald, or why she would be ordered to offer her home to his wife, as all she needed to know is that it is ordered by her superiors on the basis of "national security." Lee Harvey Oswald's dedication to his country would lead him to be a faithful servant, even in the face of illegalities and unethical activities. He could be ordered into events without ever knowing who else would be involved or why he was involved. He only needed to know that he is serving in the interests of "National Security" and that his wife and family would be proud of his unflinching service. Even high level intelligence officials are compartmentalized and excised from any access to information immediately upon routine reassignment. If an operator talks or complains, they are threatened. They are manipulated into capitulation and obedience. The Joint Chiefs of Staff need not be united in desire to eliminate a president, for such an event to occur. Just as a politician determines allies and enemies before presenting a bill before Congress, a Cassius or a Brutus communicates only with like-minded "Senators" to plot the demise of a Caesar. They all consider themselves honorable and have convinced themselves that their deeds are for the best for their country. They cannot see the long-term ramifications of their misdeeds.

Ronald Goldfarb (The Washington Post, 1993): The link between Carlos Marcello and the murder of John F. Kennedy is based on more than idle speculation. Robert Kennedy's chief and abiding interest as attorney general was organized crime. As soon as he took office, he sought legislation and resources to wage an unprecedented legal war on racketeers. He set up a special organized crime section in the criminal division and recruited an elite staff of lawyers to fight the battle. The Kennedy Justice Department was not the first to target Marcello. The U.S. government had been trying to deport him as an undesirable alien since 1952 because of a conviction for a drug violation. Italy eventually agreed to admit him, but Marcello arranged to get phony proof of citizenship in Guatemala. A Marcello intermediary, Carl Noll, negotiated a deal with a local fixer to enter Marcello's birth in the ledger of a small Guatemalan village. This information was tracked down in Guatemala by Diuguid, who recalls that he was followed by Marcello associate David Ferrie. If Marcello was going to be tough and ingenious, Kennedy would be the same. In 1961, Kennedy moved to deport Marcello as a Guatemalan -- a decision carried out in a highly questionable manner. On April 4, 1961, Marcello was arrested, handcuffed, whisked away to the New Orleans airport, not allowed to call anyone, and flown to Guatemala City on a government plane. He had been shanghaied -- denied notice or hearing. Within two months, Marcello worked and paid his way back to the United States through Central America; he said it cost him more in Guatemalan payoffs than he ever paid in the United States. In October 1961, after Marcello had returned to the United States, he and his brother Joseph were indicted in the federal court in Louisiana for perjury and for conspiring to defraud the IRS. In a plea-bargain arrangement, the government had gotten Noll to testify about his work obtaining the false Guatemalan birth certificate. In effect, Marcello had defrauded three governments -- Italy, Guatemala and the United States -- by creating the phony document, relying on it and disclaiming it to suit his purposes, in different courts at different times. Marcello's base of operations was a room in the Town and Country Motel in Jefferson Parish, New Orleans. During Marcello's trial, his associate David Ferrie was often in the courtroom. The same David Ferrie who was charged by New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison for have been involved in the events leading up to the Kennedy assassination. On Nov. 22, 1963, the day Marcello was acquitted and Kennedy was killed, Ferrie and two unidentified friends drove 400 miles to Houston, Texas, supposedly on a hunting trip. Ferrie (a memorable character in Oliver Stone's "JFK") died in February 1967. In the end, Marcello fell in the flukiest way -- he threw a punch at an FBI agent who had made a provocative personal remark. Marcello ended up serving six months for assaulting a federal officer. In 1981, Marcello was convicted in California of a racketeering conspiracy to bribe a federal judge. There is no question Marcello hated Robert Kennedy's persistency and commitment to fight hard. In 1979 the House Select Committee on Assassinations disagreed with the Warren Commission's official history and concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald had not acted alone. The Committee report stated that Marcello, along with Tampa mobster Santos Trafficante and Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa, "had the motive, means and opportunity to plan and execute a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy." 

An FBI informant in 1976 said Trafficante had told him Kennedy was "not going to make it to the election. He was going to be hit." When this FBI informant later recanted; in 1978, he was murdered. Three former senior members of the National Security Agency waited until their retirement to divulge their severe concerns over violations of civil rights of American citizens by the Patriot Act intelligence practices. All three were widely ignored by the media and the public, although two were threatened with accusations of treason. Only a currently serving NSA employee was able to obtain copies of these files. Only when the actual documents could be read and published by the media, did the American public listened to the illegal conduct of the various intelligence agencies. As a political leader, one only needs to understand that any presented opposition to proposed or funded counter-terrorism efforts will be met with widespread, coordinated effort to be ridiculed as a "traitor". Both Democrats and Republicans will coordinate their funds and operations in effort to have the oppositional politician defeated in the "best interests" of "the American way." Subservience is built into our socio-economic structure, to never tell the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and others. After all, ignorance is not only blissful; it is secure from threats of death. Whether a supporter of or one who opposed Dan Rather as a news reporter... consider what happened to him after his News Magazine television report about George W. Bush's Air National Guard service in which Dan Rather reported what many surmised as being nepotism and favoritism that maneuvered him to avoid being transferred to Vietnam and even to terminate his commitments without completing his service. Dan Rather was vilified and was forced out from CBS for his report (as it came at the height of militarism after the invasion of Iraq)... and his forced retirement was because of an "unauthenticated report" in which of the 1300 documents revealed, only one single document was not proved as being authentic and was questionable evidence. But Dan Rather incurred the wrath of the Military Industrial Complex at the highest level and was forced into silence... and he was one of the most powerful news reporters in the country. The MOSSAD does not rule our government, instead the opposite is true. MOSSAD cannot operate too far away from America's power elite, or else the US government will clamp down on Israel and its MOSSAD (see Jonathan Pollard spy case). Mossad did not assassinate John Kennedy. The CIA controls Mossad, not the other way around. The mayor of Dallas's brother was one of three top CIA officials that JFK had fired the year before. But the Cold War was essential to support the Military-Industrial complex and Kennedy was attempting to wind that down by his approaches to Khrushchev. What Mr Posner doesn't mention is that Oswald was seen by Depository secretary Carolyn Arnold in the lunchroom at 12:25. FBI altered her statement to 12:15 when they realized it exonerated Oswald. This is exactly where Dallas Police officer Baker saw Oswald 90 seconds after the shots. He was there the whole time as his paraffin test at the Dallas Police station proved. That test showed that Oswald had no gunpowder nitrate residue on his cheek. FBI agent Turner proved that it was impossible to fire the notoriously-leaky Carcano rifle and not get heavy deposition of nitrate residue on your cheek. Lastly, Depository employee Victoria Adams was on the staircase Oswald allegedly used to flee from the 6th floor. She never saw or heard Oswald on that creaky staircase. RFK Jr's endorsement of James Douglass' book JFK and the Unspeakable on two national TV shows resulted in one of the shows not airing and the other show being entirely cancelled. (PBS Charlie Rose Show taped in Dallas Jan. 11, 2013) and MSNBC's show hosted by Alec Baldwin, whose show was eliminated while Baldwin was taping a special scheduled for 11-22-14, featuring RFK, Jr, the author, and Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers who also endorsed JFK and the Unspeakable. Source: 

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