WEIRDLAND: Rami Malek in Mr. Robot (Sad & Beautiful video)

Monday, August 03, 2015

Rami Malek in Mr. Robot (Sad & Beautiful video)

“What I do have? Clinical depression, social anxiety, a day job, a night job, confusing relationships, others depending on me, taking down the largest corporation in the world, and I chose it all,” Elliot says, speaking to the audience (or someone inside his head) in one of the character’s now-familiar voiceovers. In the fourth of 10 episodes this season, an audacious plan of Elliot’s puts members of the hacker collective F Society on a road trip to sabotage a data storage compound in upstate New York. A hallucinatory detox dream ensues, featuring images of a key, Elliot strapping on a mask, and recurring questions about who his “monster” is.

-A big question that we as viewers have is how much of this world is real, and how much is in Elliot’s head?

-The question gets asked in the dream: What is your monster? And that’s something I kept asking myself while working on Elliot. Once I started asking that question, everything in the dream made a little more sense to me. The show approaches these grand themes about the constructs of who we are as individuals and what we coalesce to be as a society. What we’re doing to either alleviate this stagnant, corrupt world we live in. The short answer is, working on this dream sequence allowed me to do some examination of who I am and what my monsters are, and that’s going to let people reflect in a way that’s not always offered by television. Source:

A video featuring photos and stills of Rami Malek, mostly in Mr. Robot, also some scenes from the pilot episode and the episode 6 "Brave Traveler." Soundtrack "The Joke Explained" by Wilco and "Sad & Beautiful World" by Sparklehorse.

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