WEIRDLAND: "Aloha" is a gift of love - Bradley Cooper & Emma Stone's off the charts chemistry

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Aloha" is a gift of love - Bradley Cooper & Emma Stone's off the charts chemistry

"Sony Pictures has responded to accusations that its Hawaii-set military-themed romance "Aloha" misappropriates indigenous culture and whitewashes its portrayal of the local population: "While some have been quick to judge a movie they haven't seen and a script they haven't read, the film 'Aloha' respectfully showcases the spirit and culture of the Hawaiian people." "Aloha, it's a gift of love, and you know aloha when you feel it," Crowe says in the video. "And you know when somebody's giving you that extra bit of compassion and understanding."

Blowback about the film's title came a week after the Media Action Network for Asian Americans issued a press release taking "Aloha" to task for featuring mostly white actors, including Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin. (MANAA has not seen the film.) Source:

Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say goodbye and hello. -Department of Linguistics/ "Semantics, Culture, and Cognition: Universal Human Concepts in Culture" (1992) by Anna Wierzbicka

Aloha Extended TV Spot - A Second Chance: Aloha was shot on location in Hawaii just before Cooper took on his role as Chris Kyle in “American Sniper.” Stone convinced Cooper to hold off on working out while they were on set. "I said, you’re gonna get huge… relax. He said, “Yeah, you’re right," so he relaxed.” Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone Talk New Film "Aloha" and their Favorite Guilty Pleasures.

 In Aloha — which hits theaters on May 29 — Cooper plays military contractor, Brian Gilcrest, who travels to Hawaii and unwittingly reunites with an ex (Rachel McAdams) and also develops romantic interest in his assigned Air Force watchdog, Allison Ng (Stone). The movie also costars Bill Murray and John Krasinski, so for reals, what else could you ask for?

I would wager a bet that Cooper and Stone’s chemistry in Aloha is going to be off the charts based on the movie’s trailer alone. This begs the question: could Stone end up being Cooper’s new “work wife”? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a certified shipper of Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence as the perfect “work spouses”, but we all know Hollywood A-listers don’t always have schedules that can sync up, i.e., we can’t constantly have Cooper and Lawrence sharing the same screen all the time. That’s where Stone comes in. Source:

In 1931, another “Aloha” movie told of “a half-caste island girl” who “refuses to follow tradition and marry a fellow islander, instead falling in love with a white man and heir to an American fortune.” There also was “Aloha Summer” in 1988 and “Aloha, Bobby and Rose” in 1975.

The title doesn’t bother all Native Hawaiians. “If you look at what aloha means, how can it be bad no matter how it’s used?” said TV and radio personality Kimo Kahoano. “I think Hawaii is the best place in the world. And the reason is aloha.” Source:

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