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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Neurotic characters, Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper, "Crazy about my baby" video

Some of the most intricate, oddly endearing (no matter how gruff or selfish or disturbed) characters to grace movie screens in the past few years have been introduced to audiences by David O. Russell. A former mental patient and his deeply troubled girlfriend. A quartet of soldiers out to steal gold during the Persian Gulf War. Conmen, FBI agents, and well-intentioned politicians navigating the New Jersey mob. Existential detectives. The list goes on.

A new supercut by Jacob T. Swinney highlights the consistently “cool, calm, [and] neurotic” characters unique to Russell’s filmography. Swinney asserts, “Russell's characters tend to possess a variety of contradicting qualities that spin and twist throughout the duration of the film, concluding that “while these characters may seem to be unlikeable on paper, in spite of their tedious and often aggravating complexities, we cannot help but care for them.” As a testament to his claim, Swinney includes scenes from six of Russell’s films, “Flirting with Disaster,” “Three Kings,” “I Heart Huckabees,” “The Fighter,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” and “American Hustle.” Of the half dozen films featured, it’s worth noting that only “The Fighter” wasn’t also written by Russell.

Naturally, the same faces pop up time and again during the 4-minute supercut, and why wouldn’t they? There’s a good reason Russell reteams so frequently with a few rotating Hollywood A-listers. It takes a very talented actor to pull off the complex, dislikeable yet simultaneously endearing and engaging characters intrinsic to a David O. Russell picture. Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper have routinely proven they each have what it takes to bring such robust characters to life. Their performances have garnered them Oscar nominations and wins, along with countless other accolades. Russell, too, has met with great critical success due to the complex characters he creates for the screen. The man himself has been nominated for five Academy Awards (three as director and two for screenplay). Source:

I found some funny extracts of a comedy script (Life as Liz) written by Kip Bowman, Jr., inspired by Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper - their characters Liz and Russell seem like more exultant extensions of their psychoneurotic Silver Linings Playbook personas:

Liz stops her work, clicking back onto the dating site. Curious if there are any cute guys on there. Liz scrolls through the hundreds of profiles and pics. Until coming upon one pic that really catches her eye. Close up upon a picture - A male in his mid to late 20's. Very good looking, also has a charming persona about him. A good head of hair and facial stubble to round out his features. Underneath his profile/picture is his name, Russell Lawrence. You wonder what's he doing on a dating site like this. Also what could he be hiding that's made him still single after so many years? We freeze on that picture as we hear Liz doing other work in the background.

They're in AIM mode. One small pic of Russell, and one small pic of Liz. Each has a nickname under their pics. Russell's is RustyTheRainMaker (All in one long word) while Liz's is FancyFitzy90 (Also one long word). Rusty (Russell): "I hope you're ready to meet me. Because I know these things can be kinda scary, especially meeting for the first time." Fitzy (Liz): "Yeah, I know what you mean. Cause I like you so much, I don't wanna screw this up at all." Russell: "Wow." All is silent. Liz sits trying to come back with a witty cover up. Liz: "I'm sorry. That came out wrong." Russell: "I said wow because I feel the same way, too. I'm looking forward to this more than anything. Finally getting able to see your beautiful face in person for the first time. So I don't wanna screw up." Liz talking to Russell via Skype Messenger: "Don't let those bed bugs bite you. That's my job."

Russell stands in an empty work area. Dressed head to toe in a nice expensive black and blue suit. He turns his head looking around. Spotting this gorgeous woman heading towards him, Liz. He can't believe how beautiful she is. Russell: "I suppose I should call heaven because it's missing an angel." [Karaoke bar] Liz gets up from her seat to sing a karaoke song. Russell: "What are you going to sing?" Liz: "You’ll have to wait and see there, Studly Do-Right." Russell: (laughing lightly) "Me studly? Okay, well, if you say so!" Russell walks up to get on the stage to sing his song to Liz ("Waiting for a girl like you" by Foreigner). Liz: (I think I know why he's called TheRainMaker. Because my panties are soaking wet right now) "You are so lame but I love you."

Russell: "And you still wanna be with me?" Liz: "Why wouldn't I?" Russell: "My explosive temper that almost killed a man." Liz: "You were protecting your sister from her loser boyfriend. It doesn't make you a monster at all." Russell: "I don't wanna hurt you, or see you resent me like my sister does." Liz: "You won't hurt me and I'll never resent you." Russell: "God, How did I end up with such a great girl like you?" Liz: "Guess you‘re just lucky, because you hit the fucking jackpot with me." They begin to kiss passionately as seen in older time films. —“LIFE AS LIZ” (2015) by Kip Bowman, Jr.

Bradley Cooper ("Crazy about my Baby") video.

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