WEIRDLAND: Sexiest Men's dark side: Jon Hamm's hidden shame, Bradley Cooper's alcohol epiphany

Friday, April 10, 2015

Sexiest Men's dark side: Jon Hamm's hidden shame, Bradley Cooper's alcohol epiphany

Jon Hamm attends a ceremony where objects from the iconic TV series 'Mad Men' are presented to the National Museum of American History on March 27, 2015 in Washington DC.

"Mad Men" star Jon Hamm took part in a violent college hazing in 1990 at the University of Texas that led to criminal charges and to the fraternity chapter permanently disbanding, according to court and school records obtained Thursday. The Emmy-nominated actor had not previously been publicly linked to a lawsuit filed by a Sigma Nu pledge who said he was severely beaten, dragged by a hammer and had his pants lit on fire. In the 1991 lawsuit, the pledge said Hamm participated "till the very end." In March, Hamm completed a stint in rehab for what his representatives said was treatment for alcohol addiction. Source:

The combination of pleasure and pain is only appropriate where Mad Men is concerned. Don Draper’s relentless hedonism, drinking and womanising his way through the 60s, making it to the top of Madison Avenue’s advertising industry from nowhere, as literally no one, has always come with a heavy price – not just for those around him but Don himself. After ten years of debauched adventures in New York and Los Angeles, Don may have ‘found himself’ but ‘Severance’ offers little evidence that he likes himself any more than he did when Mad Men began, when we discovered his entire identity was a sham predicated on self-loathing and shame. Source:

“When you think about a mechanism like supportive social networks, or the psychological benefit of helping others, well, they have nothing to do with faith, or God — they have to do with the reality of what goes on in AA, with people meeting others in the same boat as they are in, and with helping other people.” So it can be the case both that AA rests on overly judgmental moral language, takes the unlikely view that God himself (or “a higher power”) is what cures people’s alcoholism, and has various other flaws — and that it still works for a lot of people, simply by connecting them to others going through the same struggles." Source:

Jon Hamm was chosen Sexiest Man Alive in 2007 by Salon Magazine - "I try to be a good person. I'm loyal and I'm trustworthy. I'm kind," says the Mad Men star, "and I'm a really good driver." Watching AMC’s “Mad Men” is a sensual feast. Matthew Weiner’s devotion to getting 1960 right means we feel Joan’s girdle and Peggy’s scratchy dresses, taste the rye and the steak and the oysters, glory in the pastels of Betty’s peignoirs; our eyes water at the end of every episode from all that cigarette smoke. The sexual politics are remarkable; the sex is even more interesting, and the hot center of it all is Jon Hamm, who plays Sterling Cooper creative director Don Draper, haunted, predatory, at the top of his game, miserable. I think it’s possible that some of Hamm/Draper’s hotness is how little we know about both the actor and the character. Source:

Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm at the 14th annual AFI Awards Luncheon (2014) in Beverly Hills

Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock at the premiere of "All About Steve" (2009) in Los Angeles

Bradley Cooper was declared "Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine in 2011. What earned him that honor? - A combination of box office appeal (who hasn't seen The Hangover?), undeniable good looks and the lengths he'll go to for romance. Asked the sexiest thing he's done to woo a woman, Cooper tells PEOPLE, "Getting on a plane to go get them." Source:

“I think it’s really cool that a guy who doesn’t look like a model can have this,” the “Hangover” star told People. “I think I’m a decent-looking guy. Sometimes I can look great, and other times I look horrifying.” “If you’re a single man and you happen to be in this business… you’re deemed a player. But I don’t see myself as a ladies’ man,” he said. And Cooper said his first thought at being crowned top hunk was “my mother is going to be so happy.” Source:

Howard Stern asked Bradley Cooper about kicking drinking. Bradley said that he doesn't drink and he won't even try it. Howard asked what his Epiphany was that got him to stop. Bradley said that he realized he only has one life and he had to make the most of it or he'd never reach his potential. Howard asked if Bradley would do a TV show. Bradley said he would. He said it's all about the content. He said that it depends on what it is. Source:

Howard Stern said they were talking about Bradley and how he was named the sexiest man in the world. Howard said he was in a furniture store trying to buy a chair and this gorgeous girl was in the store. Howard said she came running up to him and said she would give him her number. Howard said it felt so powerful. He said Bradley must feel that all the time. Bradley said it doesn't happen. He said he swears to god it does not happen. Howard said he's shocked. Bradley said he had a glass lamp fall on his face when he was 15. He said he had blood all over and it could have made a mess. Bradley said he was very lucky and the lamp smashed his face to the left. He said that he grew up in Philly and the house was over 100 years old.

Howard asked Bradley about working with Jennifer Lawrence and the chemistry they had in SLP. Bradley said that she puts you at ease. Howard said he must have thought about her. Bradley said that he's not Jimmy Carter. Howard said if he worked with Jennifer Lawrence and he wasn't with Beth he would fuck her. Howard said he would never screw things up with Beth though. Howard said he feels like such a man around her. Bradley said that he doesn't have a problem with his girl when it comes to working with someone like Jennifer. Howard asked if he dated in high school. Bradley said he had a cool girlfriend and wasn't into sports back then. He said the girl is still a great friend of his. He said that they're still in touch and she's married to a great guy. He said she's still beautiful too. Source:

Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt and Bradley Cooper attending the opening night of "The Elephant Man" on Broadway, on 12/7/2014

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