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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper: Ideal Valentines, Suki Waterhouse video

"Monogamy is a good option beyond practicality. It’s true that many people are burdened by expectations of monogamy. But a lot of people wouldn’t have it any other way. Married people have more sex than single people. People who are in love have better sex than those who aren’t. Having a long-term bond with another person feels really good.

Our generation has a lot of disposable things to entertain and hold our attention. To me, non-monogamy seems like a way of making love one of them. Perhaps sex can be a disposable, noncommittal pleasure. Love isn’t. Eventually everyone has to grow old. A secure bond with all its mental and physical health benefits takes time. Non-monogamy is fun for your twenties but monogamy is the norm because it better suits a much longer portion of adult life." Source:

Legend has it that Saint Valentine became famous (or infamous) amongst the Romans for performing weddings for those outlawed from getting married, and was later executed for his actions. Surely Saint Valentine wasn’t aware that after his martyrdom, February 14th would forever be named after him. And that February 14th would become a day where couples would be involved in an expensive day of commercialism which would culminate in a passionate night of… DVD watching.

The Fault in Our Stars may have been based on a book for young adults, but it has become a favourite for just about everyone. This tear jerker tells the tale of two cancer survivors who fall in love and teach us some vital lessons about life. Needless to say, viewers of this excellent romantic comedy should have handkerchiefs handy.

For viewers interested in films with Oscar pedigree, Silver Linings Playbook is a nutty film with a strong cast including Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, who are excellent in their roles as dysfunctional characters with some quirky psychological issues. This David O. Russell film was nominated for eight Academy Awards, and won one for Jennifer Lawrence as Best Actress.

A romantic comedy which won the Oscar for Best Picture is Shakespeare in Love. Taking home seven Academy Awards, Shakespeare in Love is a wonderfully acted film starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes (William Shakespeare) that tells the fictional story of how a real life romance inspired the world’s greatest playwright’s greatest work. Of course, the film cleverly ignores the fact that Shakespeare wasn’t inspired by a young fiery Ms Paltrow, but the earlier work of an Italian writer.

Filmgoers who suffer from a gag reflex at the mention of Valentine’s Day would be well served by watching Gone Girl, which begins as an engrossing mystery, yet slowly twists into something else. This Ben Affleck vehicle suffers from some plot holes, but has enough darkness to satisfy any cynic.

A lesser known film with a wicked twist on romance is Woody Allen’s tennis film, Match Point, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Scarlett Johansson. Without giving too much away, the unexpected turn in the film will hit you like a powerful serve from Pete Sampras, and in the process provide you with a Valentine’s Day to remember. Source:

According to a new survey, conducted by Swizzels Love Hearts, the city of tribes (Galway) is the most romantic county in Ireland, followed closely by Dublin and then Kerry. Cork and Kilkenny rounded out the top five. The study also revealed that nine out of 10 people are planning to get a gift for their other half this Valentine’s Day.

While everyone will have their own someone special in mind this Saturday, potential celebrity companions are never too far away from one’s imagination. Scarlett Johansson is apparently the ideal date for guys. She narrowly beat Mila Kunis to that title with Roz Purcell, Nadia Forde and Jennifer Lawrence popular choices as well.

Meanwhile the ladies would most like to spend some quality time with Bradley Cooper. Ryan Gosling, Jamie Dornan, Rob Kearney, Bernard Brogan and Bressie were also named as ideal Valentines. Source:

Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts in "Valentine's Day" (2010)

Lily Collins and Sam Claflin in "Love, Rosie" (2014) directed by Christian Ditter.

"Love, Rosie" is a lesson on safe sex if ever there was one. It seems that whenever one of them is free and single, the other is spoken for. Alex gets involved with a series of blond mistakes (Tamsin Egerton and Bradley Cooper's current sweetheart Suki Waterhouse), while Rosie's attempt to make a real family results in a relationship with Greg (Christian Cooke), a man who is all abs, no substance. It takes some continent-hopping and a few failed marriages to get them in sync.

Tamsin Egerton with boyfriend Josh Hartnett in Porto Ercole, Italy (October, 2014)

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party (2 March 2014)

Suki Waterhouse video, with Roxy Music's song "Virginia Plain"

Thank goodness for Collins, who by now is tired of the Audrey Hepburn comparison, I'm sure. She's beguiling even when the originality of the script - adapted from Cecelia Ahern's Where Rainbows End - is not. She and Claflin share a workable chemistry that beefs up the story. It is what it is: a predictable rom-com with lovely locales and winningly sweet characters; the perfect choice pre-Valentine's Day. Source:

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