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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Elysium draft (extracts), Matt Damon video

Matt Damon is the last Anglo in Los Angeles, an overcrowded Mexican slum city with no sense of identity or civic unity. The – mostly white – wealthy people have fled the earth to establish another home in space, but are finally overrun a second time by illegal Third World migrants after Damon dismantles their security system. For Steve Sailer dystopian 'Elysium' is "another Malthusian tale about open borders" and its catastrophic effects on civilization, whereas the rich in their carefree, gated "Beverly Hills" space community profit from the collapse of the borders on earth.

Jodie Foster, Matt Damon and Neill Blomkamp attending "ELYSIUM" premiere in Los Angeles, on August 7th, 2013

Max Da Costa. 36 years old.
Incarcerated twice. 2.4 years, 3.5
years. Trafficking controlled substances. Grand theft auto. Vandalism.

The huge 100 km diameter ring spins ever so slowly. Birds of paradise wave gently in the clean air. We pan over to--

A large government complex. THE CCB. Its metal exterior looks like a shiny version of the Pentagon.

The hospital is old, dirty, run down. And very overcrowded.

We move through the masses to find: MAX sitting, holding a tissue to his lip, still bleeding.

A Nurse emerges. She is beautiful, but has the look of not enough sleep and too much stress. This is FREY, late twenties. She slows when she sees him.

Max...? Max DaCosta...?

He smiles, but it pains him to smile.

Police officers noted violent anti social behavior. We regretfully must extend parole. Elevation in heart rate detected. Trace amounts of testosterone in bloodstream. Would you like a pill? Personality matrix suggests a 78.3% chance of regression to old behavior patterns. Would you like to talk to a human?

MAX: (mocking in robot voice) No, I am ok.

Change in speech pattern noted. Are you being sarcastic and or abusive.

(still in robot voice) Negative.

It is a federal offence to abuse a parole officer.

MAX lies on a surgical table. Sandro stands over him. The other gangsters are getting ready. We see carts wheeled in, full of the most godawful looking saws and instruments.

When this thing is installed, will it hurt?

The gangsters laugh.

Yeah bitch, it's gonna hurt.

A gangster grabs Max's hand and shoves a needle in between his fingers. Max winces in pain, but doesn't make a sound. Max wakes up. He feels his neck, it's neatly bandaged. He looks down to see his stomach bandaged.

Please If you're re-atomized now, it'll scramble the data. You can't heal yourself, not yet.

The gantry is suspended hundreds of meters up, like a bridge over the immense sub-structure of Elysium. It looks like something out of STAR WARS. Huge volumes of wind swirl.

Kruger keeps coming, a relentless killer.

MAX: You got nothing to fight for.

Max and Kruger collide in a deadly sequence of moves.

I have everything to fight for. I have all this.

Max struggles. But he makes a desperate move, GRABBING hold of the NERVE CENTER on the back of Kruger's HULC. Max tears it off with all his strength. SPARKS explode and shredded circuitry come out in his hand. We hear Kruger's suit power down, and--

KRUGER: You fucking idiot... That data will kill you the second it's retrieved. You wanna save... all your little earthlings... then you're gonna die.

Max collapses next to the central computer. Spider closes and seals the door behind them. The glass floor of the protocol room is the final barrier between the inside of Elysium and space. EARTH looms directly under them. Max looks down at the world that raised him.

Matt Damon (Baby Be Mine) video

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