WEIRDLAND: "Donnie Darko" will always be our masterpiece

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Donnie Darko" will always be our masterpiece

Donnie's crush Gretchen (Jena Malone) says when she meets him, “Donnie Darko? What the hell kind of name is that? It's like some sort of superhero or something.” Donnie replies, “What makes you think I'm not?”

That's the crux of the film: Donnie, like every kid growing up in these patently insane times in which we are constantly threatened by mass destruction and death, must see himself as a kind of crazy superhero in order to survive the despair that chews at his mind.

It's a state that “healthy” people grow out of, forcing our anxiety below the surface and hiding in denial and compulsive rituals – but it's one that lingers in the shadows of our dreams, perhaps driving us slowly mad over the course of years, until the world no longer resembles anything acceptable to a sane mind.

True art is one third intent, one third technique, and one third public perception. That's the magic of it – that we are all partial participants in the creative process for every great work.

Intentionally or otherwise, Donnie Darko will always be a masterpiece, and, more importantly, it will always be our masterpiece. Source:

Steven Poster, president of the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG, IATSE Local 600), will be a key speaker as part of the World Intellectual Property Day celebration in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., April 26.

Poster will show a clip from Donnie Darko, a film he shot and discuss how digital theft threatens the future of the motion picture and television industry.

This event is organized by the Copyright Alliance, a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to the value of copyright as an agent for creativity, jobs and growth. Source:

Jake Gyllenhaal attending a private party on April, 25

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