WEIRDLAND: Olivia Wilde listening to Clu's Theme for "Tron: Legacy"

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Olivia Wilde listening to Clu's Theme for "Tron: Legacy"

Olivia Wilde plays Quorra in "Tron: Legacy" (2010) directed by Joseph Kosinski

TRON: Legacy Soundtrack - KCRW's Jason Bentley with director Joseph Kosinski (part 1)

JB: What other ways did it affect the process, the execution, on set? Was it a matter of establishing a tempo, was it about an overall aesthetic, I mean, how did it inform the whole group?
Joseph: Music has this ability to answer so many questions without having to say anything. I think with a movie like this it's very important to establish the exact right tone for the actors, even for the crew. So I always had my little sound station at my director's chair where I was just playing all the demos constantly in between setups. And it was cool, it just set the vibe and the crew just got a sense of this movie as we were making it. I think it affected the way people worked - I know Olivia Wilde one day came to me when we were shooting a scene and we were talking about this character Clu in this movie, who's a completely digital character who was really only completed in the last couple of months, asking questions about him, like – ‘I have to talk about him in this scene, but I've never seen this character because he doesn't exist yet’… and I said, well let me play you Clu's Theme, I just got a demo from Daft of the theme for him, and I played the theme and she listened and was like, I got it. Now I know why to be afraid of this guy. Source:

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