WEIRDLAND: "Taking Woodstock" premiere in N.Y.

Friday, July 31, 2009

"Taking Woodstock" premiere in N.Y.

Ang Lee.Emile Hirsch and his girlfriend Brianna Domont.Demetri Martin.Liev Schreiber.
Claire Danes.

"Taking Woodstock is coming to select cities on August 14th from Focus Features. The film had a New York City premiere on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on 143 East Houston Street (between Chrystie and Allen Streets)".


Emile Hirsch Interview Taking Woodstock Premiere

Taking Woodstock is the new film from Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee - and it's a trip!

Based on the memoirs of Elliot Tiber, the comedy stars Demetri Martin as Elliot, who inadvertently played a role in making 1969's Woodstock Music and Arts Festival into the famed happening it was. Taking Woodstock is a joyous voyage to a moment in time when everything seemed possible.

Axe - Any musical instrument
Ball - Sexual intercourse
Bread - Money
Freak - Insider’s term for hippy
Fuzz - Police
Gas - Sublime
Lid - An ounce of marijuana
Ripped - Under the influence
Roach - A joint
"To recreate the summer of love vibe for his film, Lee set up a flower power bootcamp, complete with a hippy handbook detailing common terms such as ‘roach’ (joint) and ‘fuzz’ (police).

But the biggest obstacle was finding convincing extras - actors without over-toned bodies and with pubic hair.
This is nudity, 60s-style.

"That encapsulates the difference of 40 years right there", says writer and producer James Schamus.
But Lee insists that, unlike his award-winning drama Brokeback Mountain, this is not another film about homosexuality.
And just as this is not a ‘gay film’, Lee himself strives to avoid being pigeon-holed".
Directors like Tarantino and Almodovar bring a unique motif to all their work, but Lee displays a chameleon-like ability to dissolve into different genres and cultural settings".

Listen to Danny Elfman's score for "Taking Woodstock"


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