WEIRDLAND: Jake in "Torso"?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Jake in "Torso"?

"Torso is moving right towards the starting gate," Mechanic tells the site. "We've got a screenplay and we're waiting for Paramount to decide when to make it."

He also confirms what many have heard: David Fincher will direct the feature.

"I'm hoping we're shooting in March or April ... [so] it should be [Fincher's next project]", says Mechanic.

And while he has a ton of faith in the project, he does admit that there will be departure from the source material, much in the way that the movie Fight Club broke off from the novel.

"Torso the movie, which may not be called Torso the movie at the end of the day ... makes the book better reading because it doesn't follow [the book] literally", Mechanic says.
Torso is a historical fiction limited series published by Image Comics. The story focuses on the "Torso Murderer," an actual serial killer in the 1930's who left behind only the torsos of his victims, making them very difficult to identify for police without DNA testing. The investigator on the case and protagonist of Torso is Eliot Ness, Cleveland Chief of police and one-time head of the Untouchables, the police task force that enforced Prohibition and went after crime lord Al Capone.

Though no official casting has been made, Mechanic did tell Collider that "a lot of things being written [online] about [the film] are probably true." Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon are the two actors long rumored for Torso, so perhaps they'll be the guys to star in the feature".


clairex said...

Another movie directed by David Fincher, starred by Jake? that'd be amazing:)

Elena W said...

yes, I agree that these would be exciting news!!