WEIRDLAND: Anne Hathaway's nude photos

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Anne Hathaway's nude photos

"There are said to be nude photos of Anne Hathaway among the effects seized by the FBI in their raid of her boyfriend’s hidden storage space. Hathaway’s boyfriend of four years, Raffaello Follieri, was arrested late last month on federal charges of money laundering and fraud after an elaborate scheme in which he bilked investors out of millions. He claimed to be the CFO of the Vatican and told investors he could get Catholic land in the US at bargain basement prices. Follieri hired church officials to accompany him to meetings and bribed Vatican employees to help him pull off the scheme. Hathaway broke it off with Follieri after his arrest and he is said to be desperate to try and get back in touch with her.

Hathaway’s effects, including her personal diaries, were among the items confiscated by the FBI in their search for evidence in the case against Follieri. Now it seems that nude photos of the actress taken by her ex were also found. Her brother was seen trying to retrieve items from the storage which the FBI had raided the day before, and it’s possible he was looking specifically for those pictures.
Hathaway appeared topless in Brokeback Mountain, so it’s not like her image will be ruined if these are average nude photos and they get out. Maybe the FBI will keep them safe though and she doesn’t have much to worry about".

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