WEIRDLAND: Fan pictures

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fan pictures

Jake with Ted and Lisa on the Set of 'Nailed', in Columbia, South Carolina, Source: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and shygirl311 from Hitrecord.
Michael Cera and a fangirl in Australia, at the premiere of "Superbad".
Michael Welch and a fangirl. Kevin Connolly with fans.


Xenia said...

Wow...those are Ted and Lisa with Jake, did you read the account of their encounter?

Elena W said...

No, I didn't read this encounter, do you know them, Ted and Lisa?

Xenia said...

Not in person...:)
But they are familiar with the DC Forums Community so it's quite like knowing them in the flesh...

You can read about their encounter Here but you have to ask to be friended first.

Elena W said...

thank you, Xenia!

I enjoy reading all these encounters with Jake, Ted & Lisa'excellent adventure, lol!