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Monday, May 12, 2008

Walking off the set

May 2 - Jake and Reese On The Set of 'Nailed' In Columbia, South Carolina.

"Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel walked off the set of director David O. Russell's new movie Nailed on Friday, after producers failed to show they had enough money to pay its cast. The Screen Actor's Guild will keep all cast members from the movie until the production company shows there is enough money set aside in a union-mandated account. An on-set source tells the New York Times production on the movie is expected to resume this week. It's not the first scandal to strike set of the movie, which was co-written by Al Gore's daughter Kristin - veteran James Caan quit his cameo role last month after a bust-up with Russell".

"When ThinkFilm pitches its slate at Cannes this week, the indie will confront an added obstacle: its seemingly wobbly financial condition. ThinkFilm is part of Capitol Films, whose indie comedy "Nailed," starring Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal, was shut down Friday by the Screen Actors Guild due to a lack of funds on deposit to pay its actors. Though the film has since resumed shooting, the company's problems with SAG have sent ominous signals to the creative community.

[...] Though the company saw an $18 million worldwide gross from "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead," further problems emerged Thursday when ThinkFilm execs suddenly discovered there was no money for Friday newspaper ads for "Then She Found Me." The following day, SAG pulled the plug on "Nailed," telling members not to work due to the lack of required funds in accounts designated to pay the film's actors.

No shoots had been planned for the weekend, and production resumed Monday on the political comedy -- directed by David O. Russell from a script he co-wrote with Kristin Gore -- after SAG received the necessary funds. The Directors Guild of America also received assurances that its members would be paid for the pic, which also stars James Brolin, Catherine Keener, James Marsden and Tracy Morgan.

"(The) Screen Actors Guild has now received adequate financial assurances that its members will be paid their wages for work on the production 'Nailed,' " SAG said Monday. "Our members are free to return to work on this production."


Xenia said...

It really sucked, everyone should be payed for his work, but all problems seem solved now, according to Variety :

Hope everything will be fine from now on...:)

Kendra said...

Thank you a lot for the link, Xenia!! I was a bit confused by these news, I didn't think "Nailed" was that indie (I mean, Jessica Biel) but it's good money flows again.
I've included part of the article of Variety in the post.

Xenia said...

You're welcome Kendra! :)

Jessica Biel, huh?
Well, umbrellas holders seemed to me not that indie either! ;)