WEIRDLAND: In Culver City

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Culver City

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal in Culver City after stopping by Caffe LUXXE on Montana for coffees, on 25th May, 08. Pictures by


Xenia said...

Jake had a busy weekend, I can tell!
Eating in restaurants, running, drinking coffee, strolling with is a bitch Jake, eh? :)

Looking really really fit BTW. And that's all good.:)

Kendra said...

life is a bitch Jake, eh?

Sure, life, (not Reese (at least not for Jake) -despite of what this relationship's badmouthing says-) is a bitch too many times but I forget it when good sunny days come after a rainy month.

Xenia said...

Never thought that Reese is a bitch, Kendra, or a beard for that matter.
I think she's trying to live his realationship like a normal person.
Can't say I like her, honestly, for what it matters to her, but I respect her, and her good taste in men.:)

Anonymous said...

Jake is looking really good and I realize again how much I prefer the longer hair to the very short hair he had for a while!
Penny Lane

Kendra said...

I think very short hair makes funny faces in general, Penny Lane.

maintaining an impartial point of view towards Jake's partenaires is healthy, Xenia. I never understood that wild hatred thrown to Kirsten in their dating days. Now, it seems this combo nicknamed "Gyllenspoon" grates on some's nerves. Same Jake, different blonde, lol.