WEIRDLAND: Happy belated B-day to Clark Duke!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy belated B-day to Clark Duke!

-"I'm too legit to quit smoking" (Clark & Michael)

More bizarre pearls by Clark and Michael in their show:

-"It's just blatant disrespect, and it's tacky. I guess I'm not used to it because I was raised like a gentleman [throws cup] Like a classy gentleman" -Clark.
-"I notice you've been saying amigo a lot, that's very spanish of you" -Michael.
-"This is that weird time a day when nothin's on...TV...It's just like animal shows"
-"How can you go wrong... on The Internet?

-Clark: This is hard to say, but you've gotta get your act together!
-Michael: I'm going out!
-Clark: Well when are you coming back?!
-Michael: NEVER! (slams door).
-Clark: "I can't believe they canceled this show".

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clairex said...

this show was very funny!

Kendra said...

Yes, "Clark and Michael" has a huge following cult now, it was funny and provocative.