WEIRDLAND: Christian Bale talks about Heath Ledger

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christian Bale talks about Heath Ledger

"Dark Knight star Christian Bale recalls his costar Heath Ledger as "intense" and "anarchistic" on the set of the set of the late actor's last movie. "He was incredibly intense in his performance, but incredibly mellow and laid-back. Certainly there was this great anarchistic streak to it – just getting dirtier than anybody's envisioned the Joker before," Bale, 34, tells Details magazine.Ledger died on Jan. 22 of a prescription-drug overdose at the age of 28. And Bale laments that the film "was something I wanted to share with him – and expected to do so."

"And I can't do anything else but hope that it will be an absolutely appropriate celebration of his work," he says. In earlier interviews, Bale commended Ledger on doing "one hell of a job."Bale adds that he almost never donned the Batsuit at all because of a deep-seated fear in closed spaces.

"[I was] just thinking, 'This isn't going to work. I'm claustrophobic, I can't breathe, I'm getting a headache already, and this is all going to go very badly,'" he says.

But once he overcame his claustrophobia, the actor says, he went on to cheerfully perform much more dangerous feats.

"I was standing on the corner of the Sears Tower, on the outside, 110 stories up. I felt quite oblivious to it ... not fully aware that the blades were actually just feet from my head", he says". Source:


Xenia said...

I'm looking forward to see this movie...I've got the feeling that Heath's Joker is gonna be great.:)

And Bale is one of my favourite actors too (have you ever seen The Machinist?), very sweet tibute to Heath's memory, very discreet.

Kendra said...

Yes, I watched "The Machinist" at the Palafox theatre in Zaragoza, four years ago in Christmas holidays, I must say Bale's characterization was beyond viewer's expectatives (with a notable weight loss) and his chemistry with Jennifer Jason Leigh was memorable. Also a Spanish actress Aitana Sánchez-Gijón had an important role as the Trevor's confident waitress. This movie was shooted in Barcelona, a city near Zaragoza, the landscape was very grey and totally familiar for me, which boldened the experience. It was a guilt-ridden nightmarish story with dramatic performances, one of Christian Bale's best ones (he's also superb in "Metroland", "American Psycho", "Equilibrium", "The Prestige") and Heath Ledger had such a great potential, it makes me feel angry thinking this is his last role in "The dark knight".