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Friday, October 19, 2007

The single girl

"With their divorce finalised last week, Reese has spoken for the first time of her heartache and how she is putting her life back together with the help of actor Jake Gyllenhaal – with whom she co-stars in new film Rendition, out today.

“It’s been a challenging year,” admits the 31-year-old blonde. “But I feel I am so lucky to have a wonderful family and great friends. My brother calls me three times a day to see how I’m doing and that’s a real stabilising element in my life.

“You have to focus on the good things, but there are days, of course, when I feel pretty rotten. At other times I feel very hopeful about life. I’m also excited about working – I try and work every day and focus on positive things.”Reese met Phillippe, now 32, at her 21st birthday party. She had previously had romantic flings with actors Jeremy Sisto, Chris O’Donnell and Mark Wahlberg.

They were married on a plantation in June 1999 and she gave birth to their daughter Ava three months later. Son Deacon was born in October 2003.

Then, last year, reports began to surface that Phillippe, the star of Flags Of Iwo Jima,was having an affair with Abbie Cornish, the 25-year-old Australian actress with whom he was filming "Stop/Loss" in Austin, Texas. They were reportedly seen leaving his rented apartment together on several occasions, and shortly afterwards Ryan and Reese issued a joint statement announcing their separation.

A week later, Witherspoon filed for divorce and abruptly pulled out of the film Bunny Lake Is Missing, which she was due to produce and star in.

Recently Reese has been seen out with Gyllenhaal, although she denies there is any romance between them.

“I have known Jake for years through different friends and he is just wonderful,” says Reese. “He’s very kind, generous and funny. It’s been nice these past days to laugh a little bit. Yeah, he’s great and I look forward to maybe making another film with him.”Reese has another film, "Penelope", which she made two years ago, awaiting release and is about to start work on a family comedy, Four Christmases, in which she will co-star with Vince Vaughn". Source:


gr77 said...

I really don't get why Penelope isn't released yet.I have seen the trailer and it looks like a very sweet and fun film

Anonymous said...

Penelope hasn't been released yet because its an amazing pile of crap. Sometimes good people make bad films.

Kendra said...
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Kendra said...

Yes, good actors sometimes choose wrong roles, but how are you so sure of that it's going to be a bad film, anonymous, if you haven't watched it yet? Lots of films need time to find a proper distributor, like "Brick", "Wristcutters", etc.