WEIRDLAND: Maggie in "Stranger than Fiction"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Maggie in "Stranger than Fiction"


Download "Whole world wide" song by Wreckless Eric.

"Ferrell cuts an improbably romantic figure when Crick, desperately trying to stay on track, faces a gorgeous hurdle right in front of him: Maggie Gyllenhaal as Ana Pascal, a bake-shop owner who has refused to pay all of her taxes except for ones she can connect to social services. Gyllenhaal is delicious as a woman who gave up law for baking when she discovered the joys of cooking for her law-school study group. If there's such a thing as a quick sensual languor, Gyllenhaal has it: She imbues Pascal with a sensory awareness that extends every gesture, every syllable, into something delectable. She helps you experience Pascal through Crick's eyes and heart and stomach. As a friend said, you want to eat her cookies".


clairex said...

this is a moving song, "Stranger than fiction" gets better with progressive viewings.

Kendra said...

That scene is effin' hot, Clairex. I'm glad you liked this movie!