WEIRDLAND: Sexual Rendition

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sexual Rendition

"Ok maybe I should say make-out scene, not full on sex's like the second or third scene in the movie. Jake wakes up, shirtless and sweaty, goes to find his hot woman (I honestly don't remember if she even had a name? Regardless, she's Moroccan and really hot) who has just gotten out of the shower, and is wearing just a towel. They exchange some sort of pleasantries, then he pulls her against him, up against the bathroom door. They start kissing, and he runs his hand up under her towel just under her ass, lifting her thigh up and just barely around him, and they make out." Source:


gr77 said...

As if my anticipation for this film isn't high enougn already!!

Kendra said...

More scenes like this one and the moroccan heat would make my head explode!