WEIRDLAND: Zodiac in Cannes Festival

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Zodiac in Cannes Festival

More Pictures in JustJared
A tribute to David FincherThe Spanish cartel of "Zodiac", this weekend opening in Spain's theatres, I'll probably be watching this masterpiece tomorrow.


penny lane said...

Wow, what an overload of beautiful Jake pictures today - the ones from the premiere are also terrific. Looks like Jake is having a great time in Cannes! (Don't miss the video where he is wishing Cannes a Happy Birthday - so crazy/adorable!). Chloe's dress is indeed pretty short but she sure has some pair of legs to show off..!
Happy viewing to everyone who finally gets to see Zodiac in Europe this weekend! Will have to wait another three weeks...

gr77 said...

Jake looks amazing in all the photos from Cannes!!
He's "old hollywood" glamour more than ever