Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weird Snow

-What is your take on Wendy's relationship with Neil?

Michelle Trachtenberg: "Neil and Wendy are very, very close. She's the only one that knows all of his secrets. She is really just his cornerstone, his rock. And she's everything to him, and that is very special to me. [...] I think the whole point between Wendy and Neil's relationship is that you don't want to see it all because there's something beautifully unspoken about their love, and we just wanted to have each individual person in the audience connect their own feelings to that as well."
And Joseph, what's your take on Neil's relationship with Wendy (played by Michelle Trachtenberg)?

Joseph: "Ah, yes, Wendy. Well, the character I play... his whole thing is on the outside. He's very attractive, but on the inside, it's a very different matter. And the only way that you ever get to see that as an audience member is through his friendship with Wendy, who's the only one that knows his secrets, and who's the only one to whom he'll show a little warmth. And I love Michelle in this movie. She's so different from anything you've ever seen her do. She's so warm and kind and genuine."


clairex said...

That's such a beautiful scene, Kendra!

Kendra said...

It's become one of my favourite scenes ever.