WEIRDLAND: La Nuit de Jake & Reese

Sunday, May 20, 2007

La Nuit de Jake & Reese

"We hung around the 6th and had lunch at a resto called Atlas and then later had cheese at La Fromagerie 31”, where we had a celebrity siting. Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were eating there too. Tracy is organizing a cheese tasting event at the cheese place so we spent hours looking at cheese."

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Anonymous said...

please dont be so quick to just believe this random person's sighting...i have read other blogger's "sightings" of jake in NY the same day he was in Austin TX. there's no pics...she may have seen him w/ someone like his publicist or assistant.

Kendra said...

I have tried to avoid making echo of the late gossip about Reese and Jake, but the idea of both in France is nice, the sighting is probably made up, though.

Anonymous said...

Reading through that person's blog, I see no reason for them to make it up and the blonde PA wasn't in Cannes with Jake, the brunette one was. BTW, I love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Why would the blogger make the sighting up, it's not something one would randomly make up. JMO. By the way Kendra I did not realize you were back. Welcome back (Sorry it's late)

Kendra said...

No, it's not late, thanks, anonymous, these days I'm waiting my new no-wire router, I've changed of internet company, and I'm right now in a cyber-café near home. I hope this mess is over soon(I'll probably be without Internet access during ten days at home), I want to make a new post with some of the stuff sent by Penny Lane.

gr77 said...

This wasn't posted on a gossip blog so I'm going to beleive it.I don't see why that lady would make this up.
Anyway,I think it's obvious for some time now that they're dating (but some people just don't want to beleive it :p)

Lovely photos of Jake and Reese, Kendra :)