WEIRDLAND: Through the eyes

Friday, April 06, 2007

Through the eyes

"The strongest actor in Donnie's life is "frank", a hallucination that has come into existence (in Donnie's mind) to aid Donnie in his task. Through the eyes of (an assumed) schizophrenic, we can never really know for sure what Donnie experienced during those 28 days. What we know with confidence is that during his tenure as the Living Receiver, Donnie finally overcame his fears of death and loneliness, finding love in Gretchen. In his death, Donnie finally found peace." Source:
"And so when Brendan hides his eyes in "Brick", we know it's because there's something there —something in them— that he doesn't want us to see; not because they're empty." -by Meghan O'Rourke. Source:


countsheep said...

If you keep making more posts like this, you'll be my next girl-crush ;)

Anonymous said...

Step off, Kendra is my girl-crush!

gr77 said...

it sure is one more amazing post by Kendra!!