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Monday, April 23, 2007

The original brown eyed girl

Hi, I am having hard times, folks, as usual. But a wave of rage increased my anguish after revising an old mail account and reading a message which had fallen through the cracks from an ex, claiming I had to be a closeted lesbian as the only possible weight-motive for having broken up with him in the past. According to his words (translating from his frightening Spanglish slang): Jake Gyllenhaal (or, more specifically this blog) was a sort of another Merkin for me. It wouldn't be so comical if my health wasn't falling apart these days. Quoting the words of a fan of "Brick": "That made my head hurt like the sharp pain of eating ice cream too fast." -allfivesenses.
Conclusions: Despite my zillions female-crushes, I’m straight (and married). Some guys are assholes.
"Brown eyed girl" Weezer version.


penny lane said...

Aww Kendra, you seem to have more urgent problems to worry about than upsetting yourself over some offended, jilted ex-boyfriend! Please try to think happy thoughts..!(XXX from another brown-eyed girl.

Kendra said...

Good advice. I've deleted his e-mail and his "persona" from my mind. Now I'll take my meds.

countsheep said...

Thanks for the song, Kendra!

gr77 said...

That guy is totally not worth being upset about.
Just concetrate on taking care of yourself

kokodee said...

Ditto, what Penny lane and Gr77 said.
The most important person in your life right now is you.
Please take care of yourself and don't ever worry about the nobodies from a past life.
PS: did you get to see our crush Kirsten on Madrid TV?

Kendra said...

Thanks for your supporting, gr77 and kokodee, I don't have a TV for the moment, weird? but I've looked at her pics of the Premiere and I fancied that "nude-brown" dress-sweater she wore. See next post!