WEIRDLAND: Jake on bike & family

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jake on bike & family

"Jake Gyllenhaal takes his spandex to the street, pedaling laps around Runyan Canyon in Los Angeles on Friday.

On Saturday, the 26-year-old cycling stud was spotted leaving Hollywood healthy restaurant “Ammo” with German shepherd Atticus. Upon spotting paparazzi, Jake tried to avoid the cameras by walking backwards!" Source:



penny lane said...

Ramona is beautiful - her daddy doesn't look too happy and neither does her uncle..! Atticus is his usual dignified self. But oh wow, those pics of Maggie and family were taken in Paris and more specifically in St. Germain-des- Prés - let me count the years - in 1975 my husband and I went to S.G.d.P. - our first trip together!
(By the way, welcome back Kendra!)

gr77 said...

welcome back Kendra!!

Jake is looking extra hot these days..but quite annoyed at the paps

kokodee said...

Welcome back kendra!
Hope you had a good vacation.

Kendra said...

Sorry, Penny, gr77, and Kokodee, but I'm not totally back, I just used the laptop from my brother's girlfriend to make some posts, but stay tuned! XXX

gr77 said...

ok Kendr.Enjoy your break xx