WEIRDLAND: I Like Kirsten Dunst

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Like Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst at the "Spiderman 3" Premiere in Madrid, Spain.

"Do you know what man? I like Kirsten Dunst. She's a good actress, she's usually in good movies, she's cute, she doesn't seem like a mega-bitch, and she's got good taste in men.
(Jake Gyllenhaal, anyone?)
What's with this anti-Kiki train everyone seems to be on lately? (Perez Hilton mostly) So what if she parties sometimes? She's certainly not on the level of Lindsay or Paris! And, unlikethose two, she actually works. Furthermore, she has good style. Has anyone seen what she's been wearing to promote Spidey 3? Classy, alternative, stylish. I don't know what Perez is on.
Also, she actually made a smooth transition from child star to adult. In interviews she seems pretty down-to-earth, and no one who knows her really has anything bad to say about her. Finally, anyone with "Eternal Sunshine", the Spiderman movies, two Sofia Coppola movies, "Interview with a Vampire" and "Bring It On" in their resume obviously have a strong career.
So, yeah, I like Kiki Dunst. And I'm not ashamed to say it!"

-Emily Imdb Kirsten Dunst Messageboard.


countsheep said...

Lindsay "24/7 hard partier" Lohan is cute, but Paris just sucks.

gr77 said...

I was really surprised with the Kirsten hate when I first visited imdb board and various blogs.
Maybe because till then my only source of info about cinema were film mags and tv shows (greek and european in general).
The biggest shock was the obsession with her teeth.Most people in my country actually consider teeth like hers cute.

P.S. I like Lindsay too.I wish she would better care of herself!!

kokodee said...

I happen to like all these girls. Even Paris. I think she's the ultimate one brand businesswoman and a savvy one at that.

Live your youth to the full I say. They can look back when they are old and grey and laugh.

Kendra said...

Gr77: in Spain moviegoers who have watched Kirsten's movies use to find her teeth an attractive feature, I think standard smiles don't give personality to anybody.

Kokodee: I hope you are being sarcastic about Paris, although she's become a popular icon in a true warholian sense (not sure if it's a good thing!).

kokodee said...

Maybe she's a personification of all that's wrong about 'celebrity', but at least she's savvy enough to profit from it. She's like the Uk's Jordan on a (much bigger) global scale.
I won't begrudge her numerous sexual alliances either, because I don't see anyone doing the same for Colin Farell.

Kendra said...

I know Jordan, in Spain there are also local gold-diggers, like Belen Esteban (she makes my skin crawl), Colin Farrell has been so creepy lately, Good God!

heddaparsons said...

I like Kristen too Kendra, never understood the Kristen hate.