WEIRDLAND: Coincidences

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


"Young men everywhere are aging at warp speed, and irony -the missile shield of another era- is of limited use to us anymore. "To have someone as good-looking as Jake inhabit a character who's alienated, who's an outsider, puts a face on that archetype that's very real", says "Donnie Darko" writer-director Richard Kelly, "part of the reason people have embraced the character is because they see part of themselves in him" -GQ magazine interview, June 2004.
"Watching it ["Brick"] is watching something magical. "Brick" is one of the most quotable movies I have ever seen. There are parts that some people won't even understand at all, and when people come up to me quoting lines from this movie, I'll really get a kick out of that" -Joseph Gordon-Levitt for an interview in Ellegirl magazine, 2005.

Sarah Roemer Looks Like Ellen Pompeo: "Seriously. I was looking at the LA premier pics of Disturbia and ever time she came up I thought she was Ellen Pompeo. She's got the same smile and hair and tan. Its uncanny." -HellBoy_Chick in IMDb message board for Sarah Roemer.
Ellen Pompeo with Jake Gyllenhaal.
Sarah Roemer with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


counsheep said...

Ellen and Sarah could be sisters. A bit uncanny indeed.

gr77 said...

Is that Joseph's gilfriend?
She is very cute!!
Speaking of Joseph, I would find him very hot if he wasn't so thin

Kendra said...

Joseph supposedly has dated Sarah, and I think she is very pretty. In June her film "Disturbia" will be released on 8th June, will be interesting, since I've read it's a bit like "Rear Window".