WEIRDLAND: Cats, Kittens and Meows

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cats, Kittens and Meows

"That's where Dunst's performance is key, and it's a challenge she meets with surprising success. Looking not unlike the real Davies, and with a splash of Jennifer Jason Leigh gravitas, Dunst gives her best performance to date amid a skilled older cast. Believable as both a spoiled ingenue and a lover to two very different men, Dunst endows a potentially lightweight character with considerable depth and sympathy. Overall, the script comes down hardest not on her or Hearst, but on Chaplin, who emerges at the end as a total self-obsessive who isn't even aware of the extent to which he wrecks people's lives." Variety article

I'm glad of not being totally crazy thinking in the resemblance that Kirsten has with Jennifer Jason Leigh.
In these six pictures it can be EXPLICIT enough.

"Peter Bogdanovich's first theatrical feature in almost a decade imagines what might have happened the weekend of November 19, 1924, when newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst (Edward Herrmann) hosted a yachting party that included Charlie Chaplin (Eddie Izzard), gossip columnist Louella Parsons (Jennifer Tilly), producer Thomas Ince (Cary Elwes), and Hearst's mistress, actress Marion Davies (Kirsten Dunst). In some ways Dunst gives the most impressive performance, uncannily embodying the flighty if mainly loyal Davies, though Herrmann's portrayal of Hearst is equally sympathetic and multilayered." Chicago Reader

Bertie Knox's kitty was named Ray, and Ray likes boys a lot.


specialcracker said...

I adore this scene from "Moonlight Mile" when Jake (Joe) enters the post office and meets Bertie (Ellen Pompeo).

Anonymous said...

You know, Kirsten Dunst seems a bit Jennifer J. Leigh but more to Nina Persson from The Cardigans popband.

Kendra said...

Nina Persson... yes, she is Swedish and Kirsten has Swedish ancestors. Both seem funny. And I liked the dueto "Burning down the house" with The Cardigans and Tom Jones!

Kendra said...

when Jake (Joe) enters the post office and meets Bertie

classical goofball, specialcracker.

gr77 said...

you've made me desperate to watch the cat's meow!!!!

jacknastygirl said...

Jennifer played in one of my fav movies: Existenz...with Jude Law
Situation there was a little like in "Proof"
It was really WEIRD movie

Kendra said...

"Existenz" is one underrated Cronenberg's gem, my boyfriend is so hooked up this movie (me too), I think it's far better than "A history of violence". I love Jennifer Jason Leigh as an actress, but I have a peculiar cherish towards Kirsten, she's less somber than JJ Leigh.

jacknastygirl said...

do you remember:
"Death to the demoness Allegra Geller!"
that was great moment

Kendra said...

^^Wow, jacknastygirl, that was a classical moment, which gave me goosebumps, but the final is so polemic, Death to the demon Yevgeny Nourish! Because in the beginning Allegra is the designer of EXistenZ, but in the end she is just a player of TransCdendeZ, she and Jude Law shoot Nourish and his girl assistant, saying very atheist words. Right now I'm watching the film in VLC player in Spanish, and Allegra and Ted recriminate to the virtual games creator: "¿No crees que deberías sufrir por el daño causado al conjunto de la raza humana? ¿no crees que el mayor más grande del mundo debería ser castigado por la más perfecta deformación de la realidad? ", in English it must be like: "Don't you think you should suffer for all damage you've caused to the whole human race? ¿Don't you think the greatest designer in the world sould be punished for the most perfect deformation of reality?" -now I don't find the subtitled English version- It contains so many memorable scenes and amazing dialogues! So many twists, as when a bucle is repeated while Allegra is working in the factory, the surreal chinese restaurant, the bio-ports... my boyfriend always pushed me to add this film as one of my favs in my profile. Maybe I do. Thanks, jacknasty for reviveing my passion for this film. Probably I'll make a review of it if I find some point of connection with Mr. Jake.

jacknastygirl said...

hey...I have been out of the town for the weekend.
I have only one association with Jake: Allegra and Ted are the same kind of relationship as Gwyneth and Jake in Proof. She is great scientist and creator and he is just her assistant, everyman, don't you think?

Kendra said...

That's a good point of connection, jacknastygirl, I'll definitely make a reference to this film, Jennifer Jason Leigh in "eXistenZ" is darker that Gwyneth's character -sometimes more whiny than disturbing-, but the two men are shy and recelous. As I said before, I'd like to add this film to my blogger profile, but the space available is so limited, and there are so many great films worthy!

jng said...

hey, I have found nice connection between Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kirsten Dunst annd I like Kirsten in this movie!
It was years ago and Kirsten was a kid...very sweet kid.
She was a game player and Jennifer is game player and designer in eXistenZ
Kirsten was a game player in... Jumanji...hahaha - this is very funny family movie

Kendra said...

Hey, you got it, jng! Jumanji is almost the opposite to eXistenZ comparing both in an adult level, but it's true, the two stories develop around a game. I'll tie up some loose ends and make a post, thanks!

Kendra said...

¿no crees que el mayor más grande del mundo debería ser castigado por la más perfecta deformación de la realidad?

The actual question is: "¿No crees que el diseñador más grande del mundo debería ser castigado por la más perfecta deformación de la realidad?"