Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bella's decision: Jacob or Edward

Kristen Stewart: "Jacob is the guy for her. He's perfect for bella, by his side, she can be who she really is, she has fun, lets go of her fears. But girls not always make the right choices and she got something with edward she can't control, they're soulmates". "It's just that her feelings for him are bigger than anything anyone in this room could ever feel".

1. He's tall, dark and handsome. Unlike Edward Cullen, his complexion isn't the same color as "Plaster of Paris."2. Jacob has Bella's best interest at heart. Bella and Jacob have known each other since they were small children, so he cares more about her than Edward does.3. Edward's family is still a bunch of vampires. If you think it's hard to be a human vegetarian, imagine how difficult it is to be a vegetarian vampire. The very scent of blood could be enough to turn Bella into a dinner feast - in fact, Edward had a difficult time pulling away when he had to remove James' venom in Twilight, so she should be concerned about being turned into eats.4. Edward is always trying to pull away. Let's face it. Relationships can be a real pain in the butt, especially if the object of your affection is always trying to push you away. Bella deserves more than just a broken heart.
5. Werewolves are cooler. They have better eyesight, hearing and can run freely all day long. Since vampires never sleep being in a relationship with them gets tiresome. A girl needs her 'beauty rest' after all.

It's about how Jake loves Bella and gets her out of her depression.

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at "New Moon" photocall in Brazil.Kristen Stewart at "New Moon" Brazil Photocall, wearing Chloe High Waisted Knit Skirt & ChloƩ Suede Back-Zip Pumps (see below): ChloƩ Suede Back-Zip black Pumps shoes.

Robert Pattinson (corn, beer and lobster included in the menu) - Vanity Fair photoshoot December 2009, pics untagged by

Tough decision for Bella, uh? Jacob Black or Edward Cullen?
Robert Pattinson, finger on lips.Taylor Lautner applying lipstick while shooting "New Moon" in Vancouver.Taylor Lautner in his bed after becoming a wolf in the woods that night.Robert Pattinson on bed for Vanity Fair photoshoot.

Taylor Lautner's pursed lips or Robert Pattinson's pout?

More of Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner - Entertainment Weekly outtakes by Ben Watts.Stills from "New Moon" (2009).Robert Pattinson - Vanity Fair December 2009.

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner in Brazil

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner - Press Conference in Brazil on 1st November 2009.

Tobey Maguire talks about "Brothers"

"I lost a lot of my joy while doing the movie," says Tobey Maguire of the family drama "Brothers". "I wasn't even aware of it. I don't mean it to sound goofy or artsy or something, but two days before we wrapped, I started telling some jokes and laughing, whatever, and it was like a release for me. I hadn't done that in, like, two months."
It is a role that required the " Spider-Man" hero to lose himself in dark, emotional depths that his fans may be unaccustomed to seeing.The film isn't all gloom, although most of the warmth emanates from scenes with his brother (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) and wife ( Natalie Portman) before his rocky return."In the area of our veterans coming home with traumas or PTSD or whatever, it's one of those issues that isn't pretty to look at", Maguire says. "We ask these people to fight for us and risk their lives, and certainly potentially alter their outlook of the world or how they react to things. I think it would be nice for us as a society to have some more awareness of what they go through, and to take on some more responsibility for the results of our asking them to go over there.""Tommy finds himself to be unworthy, unlovable", says Maguire of Gyllenhaal's character, "so he isolates, he doesn't get attached or connected. The older brother is such a strait-laced good guy who's been good at things his whole life, had the attention of their father, ended up getting a great wife and family and all of that. And when I go away, Tommy learns how to show up and he learns responsibility. He learns how to care for people and gets cared for.""Sam is also damaged at the beginning of the movie -- but on the surface, there's the appearance of order. He has sort of played his life like that," Maguire says, now in the comfort of a suite at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. "He's damaged from his previous tours. And probably from childhood, there's a fair amount of dysfunction. I'm so wound tight and put together with such precise construction, I need this dramatic incident to shatter me as a person, to connect in an honest way with someone who loves me.""I'm not going home and calling myself by the character's name or anything like that -- I've got a wife; at that time, I had my older child and now we have two," he says. "But the general sort of tone of the piece and the character stuck with me -- it was more like a mood. I was in a mood for two months. Then when it started to release, I started laughing and loosening up and my body felt different. I was like, 'Wow. This has been so tough'. Source: